Friday, November 24, 2017

True presidential approval rating.

This is how you tell if the American public approves of the president.

Remington Outdoor, the second-largest U.S. gunmaker has suffered a "rapid" and "sharp" deterioration in sales and a similar drop in profits since January, and faces "continued softness in consumer demand for firearms," credit analysts at Standard & Poor's Global Ratings said in a report Friday.

A rapid and sharp deterioration in sales, you say?

A backlog of unsold, unwanted firearms will force Remington to operate at a loss and "pressure the company's sales and profitability at least through early 2018, resulting in insufficient cash flow for debt service and fixed charges," unless Remington gives up cash to pay for ongoing operations, S&P adds.

One might reasonably conclude from this that the American public is no longer panicking in fear that the government is going to come for them and stick them all in cattle cars. This is in stark contrast to the gun sales picture during the 8 years of the Obama Aristocracy, when gun sales were at a record, all-time high.

Word on the street is that the big crash in sales started in November 2016, with the election of Donald Trump.

Talk, as they say, is cheap. So you can listen to the continued ravings of the main stream media about the existential threat of Trump... or you can take a look at what people are spending their money on, and conclude the media is lying.

The Phantom


WiFi Lunchbox Guy said...

Hey, weren't the Democrats down with buying firearms for a while?

Or did they all buy 1 Glock with 1 bullet each?

The Phantom said...

Yes, the SJWs are all frantic. Because Trump is going to put them all in cattle cars. They're buying guns a mile a minute.

And gun sales are dropping like a rock, which tells us how many SJWs there really are out there. Bitchez are outnumbered 100-1.