Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Today's pervert roundup.

More DemocRat giants fall in the forest today.

John Conyers

Charlie Rose

Oliver Stone

And Al Franken gets a two-fer.

And previously we had four NEW accusers call out Bill Clinton.

Now, the thing to bear in mind is that we are not allowed to question these allegations. Under the new rules of engagement, we have to "believe the women." The allegation is the proof. Charlie Rose for example is off the air today, and his television co-hosts slagged him in their broadcast.

The arrogance of the institutional Left really is staggering. They've been using accusations of sexual impropriety to bring down Republicans since Regan was in office, and skating on their own massively perverted behavior the whole time. They must have felt invincible, able to perpetrate any outrage they desired and knowing they'd never be called to account.

That chicken grew really big while it was away. Now that it is home to roost, it may squash them all.

Wouldn't it be nice if the word "socialist" became synonymous with the word "pervert?" We should work on that.

The Phantom


The Phantom said...

Here's a comment that got killed by Google for some reason:

"More useful formulation, for this problem, of autistic. When you've used social control to lock everyone down, afraid to move for fear of stepping on a wrong colored tile, the autistic comes barreling in at midnight in a tinted window sedan with no headlights. "Did I hit something?"

Neurodiverse was never about good intentions towards autistics. It is a deliberate effort to conflate every flavor of organic mental illness with every flavor of gay. Either for political power or for an attempt to normalize and mainstream sexual predation that targets the mentally ill.

bob the fool"

The Phantom said...

Thanks for checking in, Bob.

"Neurodiverse" is just another SJW category of victim. The fact that people with autism really are different and really do get victimized by society and as individuals is unimportant to the SJW crowd. Aspies are just another grievance silo, like trannies, gays, lesbians, blacks, Mooselimbs, what have you.

Meaning, if one of those socially inept losers puts a foot wrong, like Damore, they won't hesitate to stomp all over the guy.