Saturday, April 08, 2006

Reason to keep an eye on your kid's computer.

Anybody remember the Star Wars Kid?  Seems the kid was 15, videoed himself doing a goofy light sabre skit.  Some "friends" found the tape and stuck it on the web.

Well, here's an update on him.  That piece of spite just cost his three little "friends" a chunk of cash.  Seems the exposure of this private moment pretty much ruined the kid's life at school, mum and dad sued, and now a settlement has been reached.  Numbers like $300 grand are being mentioned.  That's a big payday.

Lesson one for parents:  teach your kids not to leave video/audio lying around.
Lesson two:  teach your kids not to be vicious little shits or it could cost you BIGTIME.  You can't guarantee they won't have access to do something like this, but you can try to make sure they won't want to.

The Learned Phantom