Thursday, December 24, 2020

Desert Chistmas in Arizona.

Christmas Ocotillo. It's red and green, close enough.


Merry Christmas!

Cops innocent, of course. Storm Trooper Guilty!

In a decision that should surprise no one, the -idiots- who took down a kid in a Star Wars costume at gunpoint in Lethbridge will not be charged, or even disciplined if I'm reading this right.

The restaurant was holding a May the Fourth promotion — that's a pun on the movie franchise's expression, "May the force be with you."

After police arrived, the young woman dropped the toy weapon, but police said she didn't initially comply with their direction to get on the ground.

With weapons drawn, police forced the woman to the ground and removed her helmet. That caused the woman to suffer a bloody nose, bruising and scratching, the woman's boss previously told CBC News.

The woman was handcuffed and later released. No charges were laid. 

A witness on scene captured the interaction, including the woman sobbing. The video went viral and prompted outrage, including from William Shatner, famed as Captain Kirk on Star Trek, who called for an investigation.

"Rifles drawn for a plastic toy Cosplayer? Didn't comply right away? Are you blind Chief? Watch the video to see how quickly she complied," the actor said on Twitter. "This cannot be covered up."

Sadly, Captain Kirk is missing the boat here.  The cops performed the arrest AS THEY HAVE BEEN TRAINED. That was Standard Operating Procedure there, as I said previously on the day of the incident.

And now another police force has confirmed that yes, this is how it is supposed to be done. SOP, no charges, tough shit Canadians.

Because the real issue is not stupid cops. They -are- stupid, don't get me wrong, but more to the point their training and the orders they get from their leadership are Soviet in nature. They act like the Stazi in East Germany because that's how they are trained and those are their orders. Okay?

Wake up and smell the coffee, Canada. Merry friggin Chistmas, better not go visit your Mom or they'll taser your non-compliant ass.

Friday, December 18, 2020

Ivermectin for Covid-19 treatment.

Back on April 4th I posted a piece from Small Dead Animals about Ivermectin being shown to fight Covid-19 in the petri dish.

Well, time has moved on. December, eight months later, and there is mounting evidence that Ivermectin is the Corona-killer drug we've been looking for. And by mounting I mean they've been using it all over the friggin' world and it works awesome. Check out the video, it will make your frigging hair curl. Kind of like how hydroxychloroquin works really well, and it's banned too.

That makes two (2) old, safe and cheap medications that work according to people I'd normally trust, but we're being told by government that no, those medications don't work and no, I shouldn't trust those scientists who say they do. And not just one government either, we're talking Canada, the USA, Britain and Australia.

Unfortunately I've personally seen HCQ work with my own two eyes, so I'm forced to assume they're also lying about Ivermectin.

So if you're deathly afraid of catching the Kung Flu, tell your doctor you have head lice. He will give you Ivermectin, and you'll probably be okay.

But then you'll probably be okay anyway, as most people NEED A TEST to find out if they've had the Kung Flu. Likely if you have a kid in school you've had it already and didn't even notice.

The Phantom