Tuesday, May 05, 2020

Cosplay is now a life-threatening pursuit in Canada.

The police culture of Canada on display in Alberta yesterday. Twitter video of a cosplay storm trooper standing in front of Coco Vanilla Galactic Cantina, with Star Wars music playing, with the owner standing in the doorway yelling that the storm trooper is his employee and the gun is a prop, on May the Fourth, there she is getting tackled to the ground by screaming cops like a serial killer.

From CTV, the Communist Televisision network:

While dressed as a stormtrooper, Ashley, 19, went into the parking lot of the Coco Vanilla Galactic Cantina in Lethbridge at the direction of her manager. She danced with blaster in hand on May the Fourth — the day fans celebrate the film franchise as a play on the iconic "May the force be with you" line.
Lethbridge Police Service arrived with guns drawn and the stormtrooper dropped the plastic toy to the ground.
"Apparently a couple of people had called 911 and said that there was somebody with a gun on 13 Street N.," said Brad Whalen, the restaurant's owner. "A number of police officers had shown up to our business with guns drawn on our employee."
Whalen says Ashley suffered a bloody nose after she was tackled to the ground by officers and handcuffed.
"The officers approached the person and provided verbal directions to that person to drop the weapon, to put themselves on to the ground," said Insp. Jason Walper of the LPS. "The person did not comply with police verbal directions. Eventually they did after multiple repeated orders given by the police officers."

Okay, I can hear some of you saying this is all just a sad mistake. No, it is not. This is police standard procedure. How do I know? They've done the exact same thing before. Repeatedly.

For the Stupid Set, I'm going to lay out a map for you. Cosplay in Canada is dangerous. The person in the costume and the bystanders not in costume run a very high risk of death by gunfire, due to assholes calling 911 and badly trained cops responding with their weapons drawn. You could -die- because some cop has an accidental discharge from the fully automatic assault rifle he hasn't been properly trained to use. Somebody standing in a store two blocks away could die from the same thing. .223 ammunition can travel up to two miles.

That's how it is. The question is, should we put up with that? No, we should not. This is supposed to be a free country, my friends. If there's one thing kids should be fucking well free to do, it is play dress-up and run around showing off their costumes without the risk of getting shot by the cops.

And fuck whoever called 911 on that poor girl. In a just society that asshole would spend a week in jail for making a false report.

The Phantom

Update: This just keeps getting better.
The business owner said he headed outside, and witnessed a number of police officers with guns drawn.
"She had, at that point, been down on her knees, her blaster -- the plastic blaster she was using -- had been over by the corner of the parking lot, the police had already looked at it. They picked it up and had seen that it was just a plastic prop."
In the release from police, LPS said the employee sustained a minor injury but did not require medical attention. Whalen said when police made her get down on her stomach on the ground, she got a bloody nose.
"My concern isn't that police responded to someone who called and reported. My problem is that after they determined that it was a fake prop, police still continued to yell at her with the guns pointed, telling her to, 'get down on her face, get down on her face,' and then proceeded to handcuff her after they knew that it was a plastic prop toy," said Whalen.

Upperdate: Here's what sometimes happens when Karen calls 911.

TL/DR, the cops fired seven rounds into a guy with no weapon in his hands who had his hands up in surrender. Four of those rounds hit him when he was lying on his face on the ground. Clue for the clueless, much more than seven rounds rounds were fired, its just that they missed him most of the time. At point-blank range. Inside a Costco. An open Costco, with people in it.


MacD said...

Again and again we see such poor judgement by Canadian police. Is it any wonder they're so unloved.

In my neck of the woods the weather is phenomenal, but can we peacefully sit outside? No, because nice weather in Canada means muffler season. This is now so spectacularly out of control as to be unbelievable. Do your jobs cops!

The Phantom said...

Like I said in the post, IT IS NOT BAD JUDGEMENT. This is not a screw-up. This is SOP, my friend. This is how they are trained and this is their standing orders in action.

They decked her and then cuffed her AFTER they already knew the gun was a toy.

As to the muffler thing, I am not on your side. People are allowed to drive around. Because free country. Their car or their bike is a little loud, oh well. Unless they're running straight pipes that hit 90db on your front porch, that's the price of freedom.

Freedom means people are allowed to act funny, dress funny, talk funny and run loud pipes. You are allowed to not like it.

MacD said...

I love the freedom of not listening to loud mufflers all day. Did you know that noise pollution causes serious health problems? Look it up bro

The Phantom said...

Sure thing, Karen.

You know why the cosplay girl got dumped in the dirt at gunpoint today? Some asshole who can't stand the idea of kids having fun called in a bunch of gun complaints to 911. Name was Karen.

Tell me again about your health problems caused by other people enjoying themselves. No, you may not speak to the manager.

You don't like loud shit? Move to the country. Complain to the farmers about their noisy tractors, see how far you get with that.

OvergrownHobbit said...

Link to: 19 year old girl slammed to the ground with a bloody nose

Please, don't be a Karen

Your kid could be cosplaying Star Wars or My Hero Academia or not wearing a mask and a Karen will call the SWAT team on them.

Karens kill.

Share. Repurpose. Meme

The Phantom said...

Greetings Hobbit.

That could have been a 9 year old in a Tinkerbell costume with a pink plastic squirtgun, and those fuckers would have run the exact same procedure. Scream the kid to the ground, knee on the neck, cuffs, the works.

To paraphrase the Bible, "the Karens will always be with us." Its pointless to appeal to Karen's better nature. Karen thinks she's right. She's doing the right thing calling the SWAT team on that dangerous criminal with the dangerous killing weapon of murder/death/kill. There oughta be a law!

You can't fix Karen. Even punching the bitch in the face every single time won't fix a Karen. They are unfixable.

But you CAN fix the cops. Cut the budget of every single force whose cops do this shit. Like, cut it by 25%. They'll stop doing this type of thing immediately. It'll be amazing how fast they stop.

FlashGordon said...

US police arrested a mom with an SUV full of kids for suspicion of possessing a stolen car this week. They handcuffed everybody and made them lie down in the parking lot. They were rewarded by truly amazing screams from the six year old. She didn't let up, either.