Sunday, May 17, 2020

First world problems: "I'm scared of being buried as the wrong gender."

I'm sorry LGBTQetc people, but this is a bridge too far during a pandemic emergency.

 "Coronavirus: 'I'm scared of being buried as the wrong gender'"

Even though lockdown measures have eased a little in England, the "stay alert" guidance is still affecting daily life. Seven weeks on, some LGBT people have told the BBC they are in more danger than ever before.

Lucy, 21, from the north-east of England is transgender and has severe heart issues. After years spent living as a woman, she says she has "no doubt" her parents would bury her as a man if she was to die from coronavirus.

"They'll shave my long hair, put me in a suit, use my birth name and call me 'he' all the way through the funeral. The thought of my family doing it makes me feel so sick, but I know they will.

Because the most important thing about catching a fatal disease is what they bury you in. For fuck sakes.

But then they go on:

Lucy does not have a Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC), an official document which formally acknowledges someone's gender identity.

Krystyna Hebb, helpline manager at Mermaids, says not having a GRC leaves trans people vulnerable, however many find the process "too difficult" to go through.

"When living, a trans person can go by any name or gender. But after dying, if they have no legal documents, their family can take over. If their family aren't supportive of their identity, that can lead to problems."

So really, the most important thing going on right now is that although there IS a specific government program to prevent this heinous eeevile, the form is too difficult to fill out and families are very very dangerous and oh my think of the poor children. There oughta be a law!

You're thinking this is the Guardian, but no. This is the BBC.


Anonymous said...

I'll admit that I'm more than a bit curious about how "Lucy" ended up with serious heart problems at age 21. I know that people that young do have problems sometimes (a kid at my high school died of a heart attack during fifth period), but it's certainly unusual. Maybe Lucy just lost the genetic lottery, but I can't help wondering if the various transgender hormone "treatments" might have something to do with it.

The Phantom said...

Well, the article doesn't say how those "heart problems" developed. But, knowing more than I want to about the hormone treatments, they couldn't possibly have helped. Hormone treatments for post-menopausal women were found to be strongly correlated with heart disease in ladies over 50, to the point where they stopped doing them on the 1990s.

Adding that being more worried about what they bury you in than how you're going to die is not indicative of a well-adjusted 21 year old. Just sayin'.