Saturday, May 02, 2020

How incompetent are the Liberals?

Its a pressing question these days, given the Liberals are the ones handling a pandemic. One wrong move and a fatal disease could get loose in Canada... oh wait.

The shiny new list of firearms that are banned in Canada as of yesterday (May Day don't forget) contains two web sites, a Facebook page and the name and phone number for Bartlet's locksmith in New Brunswick.

The smart Canadian citizen looking at that will realize that moronic hipster dicks who know -nothing- about guns, or criminals, or pretty much anything at all, went on Google and made a list of everything they found in half an hour. That's how much thought they put into banning millions of dollars worth of private property. None. Zero. Nada.

Which, dear Canadians, is the reason that COVID-19 is running around our country and making you stay home, unemployed, with your savings trickling away into the dust. Because the Liberal Party is composed of idiots who can't even make a frigging list from a Google search.

The Phantom

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