Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Greenies want a car-less Europe.

According to this Daily Mail piece, (h/t Small Dead Animals) the EU is planning on banning all "fossil fuel" vehicles from European cities by 2050.

The Commission is calling for a 50 per cent shift away from conventionally fuelled cars in urban areas by 2030, phasing them out altogether in cities by 2050.

Brussels says the aim is also to achieve "essentially CO2-free movement of goods in major urban centres by 2030".

Setting out another major goal, it adds that by 2050 Europe should "move close to zero fatalities in road transport", with an interim target of halving all road casualties by 2020.

In typical dork fashion, one incompetent imbecile spokesman spills the beans on -why- they want to do this.

But EU Transport Commissioner Siim Kallas defended the green policy drive: "The widely held belief that you need to cut mobility to fight climate change is simply not true.

"Competitive transport systems are vital for Europe's ability to compete in the world, for economic growth, job creation and for people's everyday quality of life."

He insisted: "Curbing mobility is not an option; neither is business as usual. We can break the transport system's dependence on oil without sacrificing its efficiency and compromising mobility. It can be win-win."

  I'll just observe that its much easier to control a population when they can't shoot back and they can't run away. The EU has already got the shooting back part handled, now they aim to fix the running away part.  Hitler would approve.

The Phantom

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

OMG She's got a GUN!!!

Every once in a while, something comes along that's just TOO frickin' good to ignore.  This is one of those things.
After breaking into an Oregon residence last night, Timothy Chapek, 24, barricaded himself in a bathroom after the owner unexpectedly arrived home. Chapek, you see, was worried that Hilary Mackenzie might be armed (or that her barking German Shepherds could prove problematic).

So he called 911 seeking help. "I just broke into a house and the owner came home," Chapek told a police operator. "You broke into a house?" the surprised operator responded. "I think she's got guns," Chapek added.

You can listen to the dueling 911 calls at the link.  Make sure you go to the bathroom before you listen or you'll pee your pants.

The Phantom

Thursday, March 03, 2011

And speaking of burning stupidity...

Women still scarce in top ranks at Canada's biggest companies

Gasp!  This is TERRIBLE! 

The worst sector was publicly traded companies, where women held only 14.3 per cent of senior officer jobs last year, up from 13.9 per cent in 2008.

Those Capitalist BASTARDS!!!  What can we possibly do to stop them?!!!

Other advocates are asking the federal government to support legislation tabled in the Senate by Liberal CĂ©line Hervieux-Payette that would require publicly traded companies in Canada to have gender parity on their boards of directors. So far, the Conservatives are opposing the proposal, which means it is unlikely to be adopted.

Those Conservative BASTARDS!!!

Help make this Liberal holy cause a reality my friends, Gender Parity in the Boardroom!!!  Because what's most important in running a business is... wedding tackle?

Hey, wait...

The Phantom

We get letters...

Here at the fabulous Soapbox we (royal "we", anyway) get the odd comment that can't be left to the comment section.  No, these special comments need full examination.
Couple days ago I posted that when the CEO of 3M corporation asks the President of the USA "Who is John Galt?!!!" and right up in his face to boot, that's a remarkable event.
Well didn't someone named "liberal supporter" make the following comment:

Wasn't John Galt the guy who "goes Galt" when he doesn't get his way. You know, like going on strike?

Meanwhile, that bastion of fiscal rectitude, Rob "stop the gravy train" Ford, is now revealed. He only wanted to stop the gravy train to change drivers, add a few cars (including an extra dining car). And who should pay for this? Why somebody else, as it always is from the far right. Privatize the gains and socialize the losses, right?


So I answered him/her/it.

Probably a mistake, but I figure usual troll so, whatever.

Last night I get this biiiig long thing, the salient bits of which are:

Typical fright wingers.
tax breaks for the rich,
take pleasure in sneering at anyone less fortunate
impose the fascist agenda you promote
the far right agenda
the far right in the US

But this here is the capper, the piece du resistance as it were:

Too bad you can't refute my argument and have to resort to ad hominem, and now I see, comment moderation. Typical.

Of course I can't refute that.  Its not an argument.  Its a smear.  Its a handful of monkey shit flung from the tree tops. "You're a FASCIST!!!"   I'm supposed to say "Am not!!!" so monkeyboy can shriek "Are too!!!" and fling some more shit.  This is the entire strategy of the modern Left.  Shrieking and flinging shit.  Working great in Wisconsin, eh?

All there is for me to do is say "Hey, look at the frickin' liberal!"
Its almost as good as a day at the zoo.  Added bonus, no smell.

The Phantom

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

The burning stupid of Michael Moore.

Micheal Moore explains exactly how he thinks the US economy works.  Its a video.  He's says of "rich people":

"They're sitting on the money, they're using it for their own -- they're putting it someplace else with no interest in helping you with your life, with that money. We've allowed them to take that. That's not theirs, that's a national resource, that's ours. We all have this -- we all benefit from this or we all suffer as a result of not having it,"

Proving once again that not only is Michael Moore a flaming red Communist, he is a truly world-class buffoon. You could cook an egg on his head, the stupid burns so hot.
No word on whether or not he views his money as a "national resource", I speculate probably not.

The Phantom

Tuesday, March 01, 2011


Yes, we really really are winning.  Check it out, an article about guns at HuffPoo.

When your children go to college what do you pack to send with them?

You probably include their clothing, some sheets and towels, a laptop computer and maybe a small refrigerator or microwave.

But, how about a gun?

Don't be shocked. It's not that farfetched. And guns could be coming to a college campus near you.
In the aftermath of several campus shootings in recent years and the gun fueled violence in Arizona that killed 6, wounded 13 and incapacitated Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, there is a movement to give college students and their professors the right to carry weapons onto campus.

Oh my GAWD!!!!  Guns, in our schools!  EEEEEK!

Ok, so she goes through all the fricking Brady Bunch boilerplate.  But then there's this little bit at the bottom:

Truth be told I'd like to see all guns - from small handguns and glocks to rifles and semi-automatic types - melted down and used for scrap.

Tra-la-lah! Wouldn't it be a wonderful world that found no need for guns at all? My logical brain tells me that is never going to happen.

Holy crap my friends, she admits to having a logical brain. Are you kidding me?

So, the question becomes do we run the risk of regulating gun ownership so much that the responsible people among us decide it isn't worth the hassle of multiple classes, training sessions and big fees to get a license? When that happens only police and the bad guys will have guns. And as we all know the police can't be everywhere.

Double plus holy crap my friends, the cops can't be everywhere?!!!!  OMG!

Dependable Americans with permits already carry their weapons into shopping malls, banks, churches and grocery stores among countless other places every day. Why should a university campus be any different?

 Some Americans can be [gasp!] "dependable"?  Who ARE you?!!!

Final facts to ponder: A group called Students for Concealed Carry on Campus reports that over 70 American campuses currently allow licensed guns. There hasn't been a single reported instance of shoot-outs, accidents or heated confrontations with a gun involved at any of them. In fact, statistics show the crime rate at Colorado State University has gone steadily down since concealed carry was enacted.

Yes friends, a LEFTY at the Huffington Post just let mere facts sway her judgment about guns.  In writing.
Truly, a sign of the apocalypse.  Be on the lookout for four weird looking guys on horseback.

The Shocked and Stunned Phantom

Christie Blatchford on Sunday's shenanigans in Caledonia.

Alternate title: "The cops ain't the cavalry, son."

How fitting that the report of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association on the policing of the G20 should be released on the fifth anniversary of the native occupation in Caledonia, Ont.

The same organization now screaming for a full-scale public inquiry into alleged abuses – particularly, the troubling breach-of-the-peace arrest authority used over that June weekend – was and continues to be absolutely silent about similar and worse abuses that occurred in the small town just south of Hamilton, just a few klicks from the Six Nations reserve.

As the professional Lefty human rights industry in this country continues to resolutely look the other way on Caledonia, Christie continues to kick them square in the balls at every opportunity.

For myself, I did not go.  I admit cowardice, I do not want to be on the "enemies of the OPP" list. And make no mistake, everybody who showed up there Sunday has a file on them today.

H/T to Caledonia Wake Up Call and kudos to Gary McHale for having the event in the first place.

The Phantom