Friday, July 30, 2021

CDC: "Oops."

Well now. The CDC in -internal- documents has said: "Gee whiz Space Cadets, it looks like that darn WuFlu virus done mue-tated on us and the vaccine everybody thought was the silver bullet, well, that bullet ain't so shiny no more, buckaroos."

In more sciency language:

It [the unpublished internal CDC communication] cites a combination of recently obtained, still-unpublished data from outbreak investigations and outside studies showing that vaccinated individuals infected with delta may be able to transmit the virus as easily as those who are unvaccinated. Vaccinated people infected with delta have measurable viral loads similar to those who are unvaccinated and infected with the variant.

And what might this unpublished data be, hmm?

A person working in partnership with the CDC on investigations of the delta variant, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak, said the data came from a July 4 outbreak in Provincetown, Mass. Genetic analysis of the outbreak showed that people who were vaccinated were transmitting the virus to other vaccinated people. The person said the data was "deeply disconcerting" and a "canary in the coal mine" for scientists who had seen the data.

Yeah. People who were vaccinated were transmitting the virus to other people who were vaccinated. That ain't good, buckaroos. It means the vaccine is variant-specific. It works on the variant it was designed for, by programming human cells to produce a specific spike protein found on the target virus. It doesn't work on new varieties which have mutated, presumably (and I say that I presume because this ain't my expertise so I'm making an educated guess) because the new variety has a different protein forming the spikes.

That seems logical, right? All the viruses with Protein α, β, γ, those are similar enough that the vaccine covers them, and they are out of circulation. But the NEW Delta variant with Protein δ, that one is different enough that the immune system of the vaccinated people does not  react to Protein δ. Back to zero again. If you want to vaccinate against Delta you need a new vaccine that codes for a new spike protein, Protein δ.

Now thanks to my otherwise useless but very expensive medical education, I learned a bunch of stuff about the history of vaccines and how they work. One of the biggest problems with vaccines is that they are usually specific to a single feature of the organism, such as the protein it makes its outer shell out of. This is not a problem if you have targeted a feature of a virus that it can't change easily. Smallpox vaccine is an example of a vaccine that the smallpox virus has not been able to mutate its way around.

But in the case of corona viruses, no one has been able to identify a feature they can't change easily. That's why there has never been a vaccine for the common cold/flu the way there is for Smallpox. You can create a vaccine for a specific flu, that's the flu-shot you get every year. It's different every time. That's also the reason you catch the flu anyway. You caught a different flu.

"But this time is different!" they said. "This time we will use Genetic Modification! It will work for sure, yep you betcha!" And it does work. On α, β, γ varieties. But apparently not δ.


There are also those pesky side effects to consider, some of which seem to affect parts of the population that the virus does not. Unless you are already in ill health or over 85, the risk of serious illness from the WuFlu seems less than the risk from the MRNA mad science Frankenstein shot. That's my opinion, not a proven fact. Readers are encouraged to do their own research.

Waiting for the Canadian ban on Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine to be revisited. That will be politically interesting, to say the least. When all the lemmings find out that those things protect against getting a serious illness from WuFlu, I predict they're going to be pissed.

In conclusion, ladies and germs, I'd just like to say: Do. Your. Own. Research. Don't trust the Public Health assholes from the government to know what they're talking about. They might know, but then again they might be talking out of their asses like they were all this time since March 2020. You won't be able to tell the difference if you don't go look it up yourself.
Update: Well, this puts a new and even more interesting spin on things. Turns out the 4th of July in Provincetown Massachusetts is not your usual fireworks display. It is Bear Week. Which means 40,000 gay men partying hearty in steamy bars with insufficient ventilation. Which, oddly, was not mentioned in any of the news reports. At all. I would have remembered that detail, had I seen it. 
So it appears that yes, if you are vaccinated with the MRNA mad science experiment, you might catch a case of WuFlu in a packed bar where drunk strangers are indiscriminately trading spit and dancing mashed together like sardines. Think mosh pit, but less clothing.
At a grocery store, 6 feet from the nearest person? Well, that's different isn't it? You don't normally see men Frenching random strangers at the store. Right? That's what the CDC based it's new mask mandate on. Naked mosh pit.

Sunday, July 25, 2021

First your gun, now your truck.

From my cold, dead, driveway. Assholes.

Pickup trucks are a plague on Canadian streets

Many things have changed in pandemic times. One that has not is North America's love affair with the pickup truck. Even in the midst of economic uncertainty, consumers lined up to buy these hulking, belching kings of the road. Once the vehicle of the cowboy, the contractor and the good old boy, pickups have become the continent's mainstream ride. Even city parking lots are simply full of them. In Canada, Ford's F-150 has been the best-selling auto for years.


For heaven's sake, why? Most people no longer use pickups to haul bales of hay. They drive them to the mall to shop or the soccer field to drop off their kids. Why anyone thinks they need such a beast to do that is an abiding mystery.

<more snippage>

Even if they weren't polluting and dangerous, the parade of pickups would be a blight on the roadscape and a finger in the eye of other drivers – a way of saying to everyone else: I am bigger, badder and richer than you. A vehicle that started as a practical tool for hard-working people has become, for many, an obnoxious assertion of dominance and division.

This piece of soi-boi whining and metrosexual urban-dweller snobbery was written by Mr. Marcus Gee, a staff writer at the Globe and Mail. 
Mr. Marcus Gee, truck hater.

Now you can put a face to the name of the guy who thinks your frigging pickup truck is "an obnoxious assertion of dominance and division."

Personally, I drive the second biggest thing they make, an F-250 crew cab long box. The only thing bigger before you get into commercial vehicles is the F-450 crew cab dually.

For Heaven's sake why? (Yeah, Heaven is capitalized, you illiterate dickheads.)

Because I can shut the tailgate on a 4'x8' sheet of plywood. I can tow a 38' trailer. I can pull a Bobcat out of the mud or a tree stump out of the ground. I can buy 16' deck boards at Home Depot and take them home. I can move a motorcycle, a refrigerator, a doctor's exam table, a table saw, lumber, a tree or half a ton of firewood. I can jump in and drive from Hooterville to Toronto in a howling blizzard and not care a damn, because I have snow tires, four wheel drive, a foot of ground clearance and a locking diff front and back. It's a TRUCK. It can do lots of things.
But mostly because I get to choose what kind of vehicle I spend my money on. Not you, Mr. Gee. Not the government. Not the Globe and Mail. Me. I choose.

This is Canada, Mr. Gee. It's nice that you can go from your air conditioned apartment and take the air conditioned subway to your air conditioned office without ever going outside, and it's nice that you can hire people to screw in your lightbulbs and move your furniture for you.

But some of us have to do this type of thing for ourselves. We have to face the weather. We need to carry shit from one place to another. We can't buy station wagons and big sedans with TRUNK SPACE!!! anymore because effete urban simp environmentalist weenies made them illegal. So, obviously, we buy trucks. When you assholes finally make those illegal, we will buy whatever we can get that can pull a hen off a nest and burns furnace oil.

So, Mr. Gee, if you think pickup trucks are "an obnoxious assertion of dominance and division" then just you wait until the parking lots are full of delivery vans with dual rear axles. Go ahead, make pickups illegal. See what happens.

And by the way. Did you ever think that maybe guys in pickups tailgate you because you drive like an effete urban simp? If you don't want to go fast, don't be in the center lane. Go in the outside lane with all the other simps.

First seen at Small Dead Animals.