Wednesday, September 20, 2006

latest music craze? vinyl records!

Ok, this seems nuts to me as I sit here with 8 gigs of music on my hard drive. (currently listening to KOALA / Eternity is Past on Phantom FM here) Kids are snapping up vinyl albums. Seems indy artists in the UK are releasing new music on 7" singles. Kids LOVE the things. They like going to the record store too, instead of downloading from Gnutella.

Thinking back to the dark ages, I remember the first time I saw a music CD. My comment at the time seems to have been somewhat prophetic: "Gonna be hard to sort your weed on that little thing." Kids still like album covers. Amazing.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Just wanted to pass this along to y'all.  Here's what your American Forces are up to these days.
Hat tip to Kate at Small Dead Animals for linking to this beauty and Whit for posting it.

Personally I wouldn't even want to haul a wounded guy up that skinny-ass ladder.  War is definetly a game for the young.

The Vertiginous Phantom

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Socialists never, ever give up.

This caught my eye today, so I thought I'd break the long silence for a moment to post it.

Seems the gun grabbers are at it again with their fake suicide statistics, this time in Switzerland.
Researchers at Zurich University published a study last Tuesday showing that every day one person in Switzerland commits suicide with a firearm, usually a military weapon.

They claimed that tighter gun laws would lead to fewer suicides involving firearms in Switzerland.
So today the Swiss defense minister went on TV and reiterated all the reasons military weapons are kept at home in Switzerland. Predictably, the paper printed this crap here:
The data, published in the American Journal of Public Health, showed that Switzerland and the United States have the world's highest suicide rate involving firearms.

The researchers blamed the situation on the countries' liberal gun ownership laws.

By contrast, Australia and Canada significantly reduced the rate of successful suicides in the late 1980s by limiting the availability of guns in private households.

Following the publication of the report, left-wing politicians called for all military weapons to be securely stored outside soldiers' homes.
As per SOP, the papers neglected to mention whether or not the overal rate of suicide was affected by these wonderful gun laws. Therefore they don't have to report the abject failure of these laws to reduce the rate of suicide anywhere, ever.

Just more proof that A) the socialists have nothing new, just the same old crap B) that they don't care a damn about safety, defense, suicide or any other thing and C) that they never, ever give up.  They will not go away, they must be defeated and driven away.

The Phantom