Wednesday, July 17, 2019

"Shut up, Canadian!!!" explained the Chinese sponsors.

I would say, offhand, that these boys are buying themselves an ass kicking. You do not come to Canada and tell the people who live here to shut up. It is really not a smart idea.

A Falun Gong practitioner (who is a Canadian and a white guy) says the CEO of Ottawa's dragon-boat festival ordered him to take off a T-shirt advertising the Chinese spiritual group, citing in part China's sponsorship of the popular event.

John Brooman also threatened to have other Falun Gong practitioners removed from the public park in which the festival took place last month if they didn't leave voluntarily, says Gerry Smith, a retired Nortel Networks employee.

Emphasis mine. Why would John Brooman, CEO of the Ottawa dragon boat race festival, another Canadian white guy, give two shits about Falun Gong as a group, or people doing the exercise in the park?

The Chinese embassy in Ottawa is listed as a "gold sponsor" of the Tim Hortons Ottawa Dragon Boat Festival, which also receives funding from companies and federal, provincial and city governments.

Because money. That's why.

Also Mr. Brooman appears to be some sort of Liberal Party of Canada apparatchik, factotum or other sort of minion, so he probably got orders to see those dangerous troublemakers off. This is the exact equivalent of chasing a bunch of old ladies out of a public park for doing Tai Chi. Or playing checkers, for that matter.

But you know, Canadians are funny. We put up with an awful lot of shit from our governments, but one thing we don't put up with is officials throwing their weight around and breaking the rules. You don't get to throw Canadians out of a public park because they are inconvenient to a foreign power. That's a Rule. Nobody will put up with that.

Therefore, this little issue is going to go exactly the opposite to the way the Chinese Embassy wants it to. This has the potential to become an issue in the national election.

More girls on the bench in New Zealand

The headline says it all:

Transgender weightlifter wins two gold medals in women's competition

Actual woman who competed gets silver, and told to shut up.
In second place was Samoa's 18-year-old weightlifter Feagaiga Stowers, who won her nation's second gold medal last year after Hubbard was forced to withdraw due to an elbow injury.
Humanity is a sexually dimorphic species. Males are bigger and stronger than females. That's how it is. Politics does not change that, any more than Canute could order back the tides.

As people who used to be men increasingly compete in these sporting events, women will increasingly remain in the also-ran category. For a while anyway, until they become angry.

The correct course of action would be to create a special category, and let trans compete against each other. But that is not what's being done, because politics.

The other course of action is rebellion. Women athletes refuse to compete with them, and let the chips fall where they may. I expect that's where we're going to end up, and probably soon.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Lindsay Sheppard kicked off Twitter

New development, Lindsay Sheppard kicked off Twitter for... well we're not sure really, they didn't actually say why. Apparently straight white women are not allowed to talk anymore.

Why is anyone still on Twitter? Seriously. Let them go bankrupt, ladies and gentlemen.

The Phantom

Thursday, July 04, 2019

What white people -really- are.

I hear a lot of chatter on the Interwebz about Whiteness this and Whiteness that. 

Dear Ivory Tower Socialists and Feminist Theory weenies, you have no idea what the hell you're talking about. All those micro-agressions and colonialism this and every other thing you think white people are, we're not those things. 

Our culture, our nations, our Western civilization, this is us trying to be good. That's our nature harnessed and made to work. Unleashed, its so much worse than that.

Do not pull on this thread. You will not like what is in there.

(And all you White people who watched the whole thing, go ahead and tell me you didn't feel the monster trying the bars of its cage.)

The Phantom

Tuesday, July 02, 2019

"Shut up, Jews!" they explained.

You don't see that one every day, do you? Jews have been holy to the Holier Than Thou intellectual community since 1945. But now they are under the bus, ladies and gentlemen.

The world of literature, where Jews have made so many invaluable and long-standing contributions, is succumbing quickly to the new anti-Semitism.

The most recent example comes from the United Kingdom. Two cultural organizations in England have just rejected hosting talks by novelist Richard Zimler—explicitly because he's Jewish. In the Guardian, Zimler writes of the conversation with a friend in which he learned of the trouble: "'They asked me if you were Jewish, and the moment I said you were, they lost all interest,' he said. "'They even stopped replying to my emails and returning my phone messages.'"

Zimler had been hoping to promote his new novel, The Gospel According to Lazarus, and up until his friend confirmed the author's Jewishness, these unnamed organizations had been interested. And then they weren't. "It made Britain seem like a place I didn't know and maybe never knew," Zimler writes. "Even just asking about my religious affiliation struck me as outrageous.

It gets a bit more outrageous when you consider what Zimler's publicist had to say to the Observer—while not revealing his own name: "I was very shocked and surprised. People in the literary world are not usually narrow-minded. Everyone who knows Richard knows he is his own person."

Zimler "is his own person"? That's a curious defense, isn't it? It's hard not to think that what he meant was that Zimler, while Jewish, isn't a Zionist puppet and can, therefore, be tolerated.

 Of course that's exactly what he meant, and its why he didn't reveal his name. Jews are "tolerated" based on the quality and amount of their virtue signaling. Unless you are a trans-ally, post-feminist, atheist and leader of the local chapter of Divest Israel, you are not to be tolerated. You're a Deplorable. Just like every other white man out there.

In Britain the purity spiral has accelerated to such a degree that Jews have become persona non grata right along with those odious Christians and [shudder] Americans. And TERFs. Oh, and gay men, they are also now officially uncool.

So, ladies and gentlemen of the Jewish persuasion, welcome to the under-the-bus experience. Feel free to relax with a cigar and some of this lovely port we White Men have over by the differential as the purity spiral accelerates.

The Deplorable Phantom

Monday, July 01, 2019

"Shut up, Christian!" they explained.

An uproar in Oz caught my attention, apparently some Aussie Rules football player lost his multi-million-dollar job because he dared to have an opinion.

The firing of one of Australia's best-known sports stars for saying gay people are headed for hell has exposed social fault lines and sparked debate about what constitutes religious expression.

Rugby Australia tore up Israel Folau's multimillion-dollar contract last month after he posted on Instagram in April that gay people, adulterers and atheists were living in sin and would go to hell unless they repented.

The sport's national governing body said Mr. Folau breached its code of conduct, which calls for the respectful use of social media, and was fairly dismissed. "This is an issue of an employee and his obligations to his employers within the contract that he signed," Rugby Australia said.

To be perfectly crystal clear, that view is not controversial in Christianity. According to the bible, Hell is where unrepentant sinners go. The whole purpose of having Christianity and churches, historically, was to keep people out of hell. Like it or hate it, that's what Christianity is about.

Where we are right now is that mentioning your Christian beliefs on Instagram can legally get you fired in Australia. Mr. Folau is about to test that legality in court, something that in a free country he wouldn't have to do.

Canada is in worse shape, someone already tested this in the Supreme Court of Canada and lost. His crime was leafleting cars in Calgary, if I recall correctly. You can't say that sinners go to hell in Canada. You'll go to jail. Probably not what the people who made those laws had in mind, but that's how it turned out.

However there are quite a few people quite openly preaching that Israel should be destroyed, and none of them have gone to jail for it. So the law does seem to be squarely aimed at traditional Christianity and its adherents, two of whom have gone to jail so far. The leaflet guy, and some old lady praying in front of an abortion clinic.

How long before the law gets used to suppress any speech not approved by the ruling party? Thus far the government of Canada (and Britain, Australia, America) has let the private sector do all the censoring of political speech, but it is only a matter of time before openly supporting the party not in power becomes a criminal offense.

Dear liberals and useful idiot SJWs, this is not going to turn out the way you think. Sooner or later, people will start going to jail for stuff they said. That's how this type of thing inevitably ends up. Just letting you know that history predicts it 100%.

Just keep voting Liberal and we'll all presently find out.

The Phantom

Friday, June 28, 2019

New property of light discovered.

A team of researchers affiliated with several institutions in Spain and the U.S. has announced that they have discovered a new property of light -- self-torque. Their findings have been published in the journal Science.

So very cool.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

"Shut up!" explained The Guardian.

No, you morons don't understand. In order to protect Free Speech we need you to shut up!

Free speech advocates also misunderstand the motivation of those who might want to shut down a debate: they see this as a surefire mark of intolerance. But some debates should be shut down. For public dialogue to make any progress, it is important to recognise when a particular debate has been won and leave it there.

Even the most passionate free speech advocate might not wish to reopen the debate into whether women should be tried for witchcraft, or whether ethnic minorities should be allowed to go to university, or whether the Earth is flat. No-platformers are not scared – they simply think certain debates are over. You may disagree, but it does not mean they are against free speech.

Oh, and if you disagree that some debates should be shut down, you are a bigot, a boor and probably very stupid as well.

 Martha Gill is a political journalist and former lobby correspondent. She has worked as a staffer at the Economist and the New Statesman.

Where she was probably manhandled by the perverts who run the place, but lacks the fortitude to come forward about it because the #MeToo debate is officially over.

In other news, it was discovered that Martha Gill's head is completely filled with wool. A co-worker noticed a bit of yarn protruding from one ear and pulled on it. Ms. Gill exhibits no ill effects from having 400 feet of red number 5  pulled from her now empty skull, but was heard to complain there was a bit of an echo when she speaks.

The Echoing Phantom