Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Well, that didn't take long. Pedal to the metal on deficits!

Trudeau The Younger to follow in Elder's footsteps.

With falling oil prices eroding Canada's revenue base, newly elected Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is fully embracing deficits, with his finance minister hinting Monday the country will run a deficit of about C$30 billion ($22 billion) in the fiscal year that starts April 1.It's one of the biggest fiscal swings in the country's history that, in just four months since the Oct. 19 election, has cut loose all the fiscal anchors Trudeau pledged to abide by even as he runs deficits.

Wow. How unexpected.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

How stupid are Canadian journalists?

So stupid they are doubling down on the same Liberal Party love-fest they've been having for the last 70 years, while they circle the Great White Bowl of corporate bankruptcy.

It's been a dismal start to the year for Canada's newspapers, and investors see little sign of a turnaround.
Postmedia Network Canada Corp., owner of many of the country's newspapers, announced in January it was merging newsrooms in cities where it has two papers, eliminating dozens of jobs. Torstar Corp., publisher of the country's largest circulation paper, closed its printing plant and fired 300. Rogers Media, a unit of Rogers Communications Inc., fired 200 people. The 149-year-old Guelph Mercury shut down its print edition. Some publishers are even suggesting government support is necessary. And that was just in January.
"We're seeing a further cratering of the daily press," Ken Doctor, an independent media analyst at Santa Cruz, California-based Newsonomics, said by phone."The toll that all these years of losses in print advertising has taken is now deadening the enterprises."

Two things are happening, in my estimation. First, people are not getting their news from the papers anymore, because the papers LIE. They lie about every important issue in our society. They lie by ignoring things that are vital for us to know about, they lie by covering shit that doesn't matter at all, and finally they tell actual untruths about the stories they do cover.

Second, because people are getting their news from more reliable sources, print ads are no longer effective. People don't see them.

These are not new things. They've been in motion for twenty years now. The larger media out there has been playing ostrich.

Not one existing media company has questioned The Deal they made with the Liberals back in the 1930's. The Faustian bargain that has set the course of this country since the Great Depression is finally coming apart due to social upheaval, government following policies that are destroying Canada and new technology creating competition for the public's eyeball time.

Clearly, the Big Media Buggywhip manufacturers are going to ride The Deal down in flames. Because they are -stupid-.

Faster, please!

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Thursday, February 11, 2016

No Twitter for you!

It seems that Twitter has discovered the fun and frolic available in silencing one' s political opponents. Oh, joy.

The folks running Twitter may be too young to have heard of George Orwell, or perhaps they simply do not care that their new advisory council sounds frighteningly Orwellian. Either way, the brand new "Twitter Trust and Safety Council" seems like a board ready to censor comments in deference to political correctness.

It doesn't help that among the more than 40 organizations that make up the council, one finds such groups as the "Dangerous Speech Project," a group with ties to the liberal John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation and to financier George Soros' Open Society Institute.

Another council member is GLAAD, formerly an acronym for the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (the organization now goes by just its initials). Feminist Frequency, which also seeks to monitor free speech, is another member of the council.

The council does include some groups that appear to do good work preventing cyber-bullying against the young. Absent, however, are any conservative-leaning groups.

Emphasis mine.

Diversity, you see, does not include conservatives. Just so we are all clear.

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