Monday, June 26, 2006

When being a good guy isn't enough.

This is a profoundly moving pair of stories, and a powerful tactical analysis of them.  I suggest anybody who ever considered self defense with a firearm should check this out.

The Phantom

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Know thine enemy.

Behold, the noble Taliban freedom fighters
<,,3-2233426,00.html> in their
struggle with the Imperialist Great Satans, ChimpyBushitler and his
sidekicks Harper and Blair:

> “It happened twice where they pushed women and children in front of
> them. The first time they ran into a compound and pushed them out the
> front to stop the assault,” said Corporal Quintin Poll, 29, from Norfolk.
> “The second time they were firing through a building with women and
> children inside. My guys had to go around the left and right to get
> them.”
> Details of the battle, which happened to the west of the town of
> Nauzad on June 4, were given by troops at the British base of Camp
> Bastion.
Yes, truly they are noble servants of Allah fighting for social justice
and religious freedom. May they all get their 72 virgins real soon.
Today or tomorrow would be good.

The Disgusted Phantom

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Caledonia info update: US Border Patrol involved!

Well, this is certainly an interesting turn of events.  It is revealed that the Americans who had their car stolen from them by the protesters were not NY State troopers as previously mentioned.

"... incident involved the theft of a motor vehicle, which was swarmed, its occupants forcibly removed and [the] vehicle taken. An OPP officer [was] deliberately driven at by the stolen vehicle. Other officers at the scene, fortunately, pulled him to safety," Pilon said.

That vehicle was later identified as belonging to the U.S. Border Patrol. Members of that group were visiting the area to observe how provincial police were handling the standoff.

Seven arrest warrants have been issued in connection with this series of three assaults:  One on an old couple in the Canadian Tire parking lot, one on the CHTV news camera duo who was filming the old couple getting assaulted, and finally the Border Patrol getting drug out of their car and it being driven off.

Seems the Patrol got more of an eyefull of how the OPP is mis-handling the situation than they bargained for, eh?

The Phantom

Saturday, June 10, 2006

OPP definetly sitting on hands

The plot thickens in Caledonia.

The tense native standoff boiled over again last night after OPP officers arrested two townspeople during an angry clash involving up to 400 people.

Residents and aboriginals hurled racial slurs at each other over a schoolyard fence early this morning. As some 50 OPP officers in riot gear-- four with rifles visible -- moved in, the townspeople barraged them with verbal assaults, accusing them of being one-sided.

A third man was taken into custody.

Earlier yesterday, two CH TV cameramen were assaulted, allegedly by natives occupying a disputed piece of land.

About 90 minutes later, a witness said a group of natives dragged four American tourists from their SUV after they snapped a few photos of the native-occupied land despite remaining on public property.

"Two of them were off-duty New York State troopers," said a resident who lives near the attack site. "Two of them were dragged from their truck and (the natives) drove off and (went) back into their own area."

Witnesses said they drove around in the tourists' vehicle for about an hour before returning it.
No word on the camera being returned.

Thus it would appear that even though I think I'm being cynical about the government and police in this case, and even though I feel pretty cynical about it, bottom line, its just the truth.  Flagrant assaults by protesters go unremarked, townies get busted.

Put it another way, if the cops all go home the blockade will be over in a matter of minutes.  The cops are the ones keeping it in place.

Interesting government we have here, eh?

The Phantom

Friday, June 09, 2006

Caledonia standoff, OPP sits on their hands

Seems the Indians are attacking news crews right in front of the OPP, as in feet away, in broad daylight, with complete impunity.
The camera operators were filming as part of ongoing coverage of the aboriginal occupation, which started in February when Six Nations members took over a housing construction site. They say they were videotaping an altercation involving an older couple when the aboriginal protesters came running past police to attack them. Const. Keith Robb confirmed police were investigating the allegations that officers didn't intervene.
They didn't intervene the other night when a security guard got his car torched, nor when a reporter got his camera stolen last Friday.  Nor when the protesters burned the transformer station and blacked out half the county for three days, for that matter.

Looks to me like a fit-up.  Rank and file cops aren't going to stick their necks out one tiny bit, they've been told they won't get any backup from their brass or the provincial government on this one.  Protesters attacking some white guy?  Tough. 

White guy fights back?  Oooh., that's different.

Maybe enough of these attacks will embarass McGuinty into applying the law to these mooks, maybe the Provincial Court judge whose order is being roundly ignored will find the OPP in contempt and force them to move the mooks out, or maybe we will all wait until it gets cold and they will go home.  Like, in December.

My money is on December's frost.  No fun being a noble aborigional protester in the snow, eh?

The Phantom