Sunday, July 31, 2016

"All Lives Matter" = RAAAACIST!!!

A tautology, "all lives matter", is now the new 'burning cross'. Or so we would be led to believe, given what's going down at the University of Houston.

When a 'person of color' says "All lives matter" on their private Facebook page, that means they must be PURGED!!!

Shortly after the July 7 shooting in Dallas that killed five officers, Rohini Sethi went on Facebook and opined "Forget #BlackLivesMatter; more like AllLivesMatter." The statement was later deleted, but only after numerous UH students denounced it as incredibly offensive or even hateful.

So hateful that UH student council wankers decided she needs to be kicked out right now! But oops, there's a problem:
A full removal of Sethi has significant hurdles, though. The student government constitution requires the student body president, president of the student senate and three-fourths of present student senators to approve impeachment proceedings. Sethi would then be tried by the student supreme court.

Due process! What a pain in the ass, right? Well screw that action, let's get right to the purging shall we?
Instead of going through that arduous process, the student senate approved a measure giving SGA president Shane Smith exceptional one-time powers to punish Sethi as he saw fit. In response, Smith released a letter Friday outlining a set of five punishments for Sethi. The punishments include:
  • A 50-day suspension from SGA starting August 1. This suspension will be unpaid (she currently receives a stipend of about $700 a month).
  • A requirement to attend a three-day diversity workshop in mid-August.
  • A requirement to attend three "UH cultural events" each month from September through March, excluding December.
  • An order to write a "letter of reflection" about how her harmful actions have impacted SGA and the UH student body
  • An order to put on a public presentation Sept. 28 detailing "the knowledge she has gained about cultural issues facing our society."
If Sethi refuses or fails any of the requirements, she will be kicked out of SGA entirely.

If Ms. Sethi gets herself a lawyer, I think she might well end up a millionaire. That'd be excellent.

The Phantom

Update! The horror! The horror!!!

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Matt Damon is [gasp!] WHITE!

What do you call it when you complain about the leading man in a movie because he's the wrong skin color?

"Our heroes don't look like Matt Damon," [Constance] Wu explained in a lengthy note. "They look like Malala. Gandhi. Mandela. Your big sister when she stood up for you to those bullies that one time."
"If white actors are forgiven for having a box office failure once in a while, why can't a POC (person of color) sometimes have on?" she asked. "And how COOL would it be if you were the movie that took the "risk" to make a POC as your hero and you sold the s--- out of it?!"

Now, I seem to remember being called a RAAAAAACIST!!! because I objected to a black actor being cast as Johnny Storm. Because clearly, the only possible motivation anyone could have regarding changing the race of a well known character, is RAAAAACISM!!!!11!


Now, in this particular case, The Great Wall is a new concept movie with an original script, so there's no existing cannon dictating what the race of the leading man should be. While granting that it would be historically -unlikely- that a white dude would be running around the Great Wall back in the day, there is no reason why that bit of non-historical fiction would automatically make the movie suck. It doesn't break anything. So Constance Wu is just a flat-out KKK-style Honkey-Hater. Will she get trashed like all the Nerd Racists who didn't like FF having a black Johnny Storm?

Oh, but no. There will be zero calling out, zero trashing. Constance Wu will most certainly be getting a free pass from the Tumblr/SJW set, because overt, blatant, disgraceful racism is perfectly fine so long as it is used against a white male. Too bad so sad, Matt Damon, you got the wrong color skin, boy.

For my part, I would like to say that I find Constance Wu's comments disgusting, and the free pass she's getting from the SJW set is nauseating. Walk your talk, or fuck off.

The Disgusted Phantom

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Stats Canada power grab in process!

Statistics Canada is attempting to forge for themselves the Ultimate Iron Rice Bowl.

Now, StatsCan is seizing its moment. It has developed a plan to amass more independence and authority than ever before, having presented to the Liberals a plan for changes to the law that would make all of its surveys, not just the long-form census, mandatory. It wants the power to be able to force companies to hand over private data, including Internet search records, and credit-card transaction records. Companies, and even other levels of government, would be compelled to hand over any information StatsCan deems important, with fines for any "unreasonable impositions" that "restrict the flow of information for statistical purposes."

In the discussion paper, which the agency shared with The Canadian Press, StatsCan seeks to free itself from government control over how it collects its data, with a whole new list of powers it wants the government to hand over to the chief statistician to free the agency from political influence. It even wants the right to have its own computer infrastructure, because being on the centralized system the rest of the federal bureaucracy uses gives government tech staff "an effective veto" on any StatsCan work, by not providing tech support for it. Statistics Canada would prefer not to answer to anyone, including the guys in IT.

Yep, they want the power to call you up and demand you tell them any goddamn thing they want to know, or you go to jail.

Not at all chilling, is it?

The Phantom

Knife attacks up, shockah!

As we have seen in the news of late, there has been an increase in young men running amok with knives.

Before setting off to cause mayhem, 17-year-old Riaz Khan Ahmadzai made a quick video in an oddly empty room in which he talked about why Westerners must die and his devotion to the Islamic State.


While he talks, he plays with a small knife, a knife with which he pledges to behead his enemies.

Ahmadzai would later attack five people on a train near Wurzburg, wounding four, before he would be shot to death while lunging at police. [more snippage]

It's instructive to look at the knife. It's a common kitchen knife, with a cheap plastic handle and a blade that's not quite as long as Ahmadzai's fist is wide. It's the sort of knife that can be found in millions of kitchens worldwide, and a cheap version, at that.

The Islamic State has claimed credit for some of Europe's most spectacular attacks in the last year. But Ahmadzai's attack stands out for its simplicity, especially compared with the Islamic State's Nov. 13 attacks in Paris, which involved multiple attackers, hard-to-obtain weapons, numerous rental cars, cellphones and safe houses, or the March 22 mayhem in Brussels, which featured three coordinated bombers attacking nearly simultaneously at the airport and a subway station.

Ahmadzai's attack involved no expensive weapons, no explosives, no training and not likely much contact with or advice from the Islamic State.

That's a pretty good deal for Islamic State, right? Just talk some kid into a solo attack, it creates almost as much uproar as the big, expensive attack.

"Many of the attackers seem to have some form of mental illness, and once an idea becomes 'cool' it will attract others who have delusions of grandeur/revenge," Daniel Byman, an expert on international security at Georgetown University, said in an email.

While this leads perhaps to smaller attacks, it has a downside, he added.

"I don't think IS is really giving major logistical or operational support to the recent attacks – Paris, in contrast, was quite different," he wrote, referring to the Islamic State. "I think this sort of low-tech terrorism is exceptionally hard to stop. It also has a momentum all its own.

As  ideas for terrorism go, this is a pretty good one. Europe has managed to effectively disarm their entire population. The propaganda campaign has been so successful that the very idea of carrying a weapon for self defense cannot even be discussed. It is anathema, forbidden. The whole Continent is one gigantic Gun Free Zone. Two random untrained assholes can run into a church and kill the priest in front of his whole congregation. AND THEY LET IT HAPPEN. Because self defense is forbidden. They know they're not allowed to fight back.

We shall see how long that state of affairs lasts. I predict it won't be long before the German townspeople are arranging 'accidents' for mouthy 'refugees' that are too quick with their hands.

That's not a -good- thing, incidentally, but it is most certainly going to be a thing.

The Phantom

Monday, July 25, 2016

19 dead in attack outside Tokyo Japan.

In the Daily Mail today, a report that a man killed 19 people and wounded 45.

  • Attacker storms into centre for the disabled near Tokyo
  • Police were called to the scene at around 2.30am local time in Sagamihara
  • At least 19 people were killed and reports that a further 45 were injured  
  • Officers arrested a man, 26, after he walked into a station and said 'I did it'
  • Suspect reportedly said: 'I want to get rid of the disabled from this world' 

Basically this asshole strolled into an assisted living facility and killed or tried to kill everybody he could get his hands on, until he got tired and left on his own. He attacked little old men and little old ladies, cripples, the demented, and so forth. No reason for it, he just did it.

How do you stop something like that from happening? Because it seems shit like this goes on in Japan pretty much all the time. Two or three times a year, some guy goes off like that and kills a bunch of people.

I have an opinion, of course. Maybe arming the night nurse and a couple of assistants would not be the worst thing in the world. But my opinion is stupid and crazy, or so I'm constantly told.

The reason I post this is you're not going to hear about it anywhere else. It will be up on Drudge another day, then disappear. Why? Because it doesn't forward the peacenik agenda. It is however a perfect example of the random terrorist attack. No warning, no plan, no possibility of advance notice.

Oh, and no gun. Perfect example of Japanese gun control laws working. The attacker was gun-free, and so was everybody else in the place. 19 dead, 45 wounded. One guy.

Hence, my opinion.

The Phantom

Lefty propaganda no longer a profitable business model?

The Guardian UK announces they lost $250 million samoleans this year.

Guardian Media Group will this week reveal a higher than expected full-year operating loss of £69m as the owner of The Guardian newspaper battles to bring its finances under control.

GMG's total pre-tax loss will hit £173m as the group belatedly writes down about £80m in the value of its stake in Ascential, the publicly quoted magazine and events company, and takes a £20m restructuring charge over severance payments.

GMG has exceeded its target of cutting 250 jobs, with 70 journalists taking voluntary redundancy as the media group struggles to deal with the harsh advertising environment that is hurting print publications.

Controversy over responsibility for losses at GMG led to Alan Rusbridger, its former editor-in-chief, stepping down in May as incoming chair of the Scott Trust, which is GMG's sole shareholder. Mr Rusbridger and Andrew Miller, GMG's former chief executive, were accused of allowing costs to escalate as the Guardian expanded globally.

With legendary contributors like Laurie "Bad" Pennie and Damien Walter their trip down the U Bend of history's toilet should be short and uneventful, as flushing a turd should be.

Faster, please!

The Flushing Phantom

Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Teflon Pantsuit!

In a move of absolutely breathtaking corruption, Hillary doesn't get charged with the email thing.

FBI Director James Comey on Tuesday announced the agency is not recommending the Justice Department bring charges against Hillary Clinton, despite denouncing the former secretary of state and her colleagues for the way they handled classified information through private email servers.

"Although we did not find clear evidence that Secretary Clinton or her colleagues intended to violate laws governing the handling of classified information, there is information that they were extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information," Comey told reporters in Washington, D.C., noting that the probe has found that the former secretary of state used several different email servers and numerous devices during her time in office.

So Hillary is clearly, unquestionably guilty of violating the secrecy statutes, and guilty of exposing top secret information to foreign spies through sheer carelessness... but she didn't mean it, so we're all good.

Welcome to the Banana Republic of Amerika, ladies and gentlemen.

The Phantom