Friday, November 17, 2017

The Flopatron Files Take 4. Because the stupid never stops.

Today, Al Franken got outed as an alleged molester. This is a problem for the Left, because if Franken steps down, the US Senate es even more deeply in Republican hands.

CamelFlop seems to have taken this to heart.

That somebody might be likeable, be effective or have admirable politics shouldn’t change what is or isn’t acceptable behaviour. There is a different conversation about reform and change and forgiveness that could be had at a different time but now isn’t that time.
Floppy does call for Franken to resign, but just can't help himself and praises the man as having "admirable politics." Because for Floppy, politics trumps all. It's forgivable to be a woman molester, if you have admirable politics.

My comment earlier was that I wanted to know who was the greater liar, Franken or Roy Moore. Floppy of course didn't post that, it's inconvenient to his narrative.

This evening some new scandal has come to light, so I thought I'd rub Floppy's nose in it a bit.
Uh oh, a bunch of skeletons fell out of the closet at NPR today, Camestros. That would be National Public Radio, the glowing pink with socialist goodness American radio network. Riddled with perverts. So surprising!

Meanwhile, all your friends and fellow travelers are starting to suggest all these women shut up and take one for the team. Like they did before. Because the -truth- is that Leftists do not give a single shit about women's rights or women's safety. And you can tell by the number of super duper prominent Lefties getting outed with decades long track records. Al Fucking Franken, Camestros.

I don't think Republicans give a shit either, but they at least don't pretend to.

You remember a couple days ago when I suggested that women have to look after themselves? Are you beginning to understand why I said that?

This comment will be up at my blog, by the way, due to the continuing retardation you're exhibiting with deleting comments. You should probably make a decision on the banning issue. Until you do, I'm going to continue enjoying dropping these inconvenient truths into your inbox.

Al Franken, Camestros! Bwahahaaaa! Tell me again how bad Trump is. Go on. You know you want to.
I'll keep doing these comments this way until he either bans me or starts posting the comments like a normal human being.


Anonymous said...

Didn't they already have women take several for the team? I recall a certain Bill Clinton. Unlike all these accusations that are suddenly coming out, the events weren't decades ago, when it's very difficult to prove if it's happened.

The Phantom said...

I got thinking about this Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky thing, since you mention it.

Socialism, at base, is about groups. Individuals are unimportant if the group is winning. Protecting Bill Clinton was FAR more important than protecting Monica, because the team would lose if Clinton lost.

I see lots of Republicans defending Roy Moore. I see them arguing that these are allegations, unproven and etc. But if Roy Moore is guilty, nobody is going to defend that guy. Because Republicans are about the individual (theoretically, anyway.) He did wrong, he's gone.

Lefties are STILL DEFENDING CLINTON. Still, right now, in the middle of the avalanche of skeletons falling out of their team closet.

Because they don't care about individuals. If it doesn't help the team, under the bus it goes.

WiFi Lunchbox Guy said...

All of the attention is on Franken right now, but don't forget
Sly Stalone!

As for Moore, remember this:
there is only one allegation, and it's tenuous at best.

*All* of the Hollywierd & D.C. swamp creatures have multiple allegations.