Monday, November 20, 2017

SJWs: Its okay to hate nerds.

Yes, friends, it is now perfectly okay to hate the "neurodiverse" among us. Those freaks, geeks and weirdos who speak in a droning monotone, and know everything there is to know about the DEC TK-50 tape drive, which was loooong obsolete before they were born; yep, you can hate 'em.

The truth is you do anyway, because duuuude, so weird, right? But now you don't have to feel guilty about it.

Now, let me start off this article by emphasizing something: it's the author of this Guardian article, not James Damore himself, who makes the harmful suggestion that Damore's infamous Google memo and subsequent doubling-down are somehow caused by his autism. This is yet another example of the harmful ways that our culture writes about autistic people – and how damaging that narrative can be.

As it happens, the memo and the subsequent public statements by Mr. Damore are indeed "caused" by his autism. Mr. Damore seems like the kind of man that takes people at their word. When they say things that aren't true, or aren't correct, he notices. Where the autism comes in is that Mr. Damore can't let the error, or untruth, stand. He solves the puzzle.

This whole article is peppered with weird suggestions like this, suggestions which detract from an otherwise interesting piece. Lewis also quotes another former Google employee on the autism spectrum, who was "fired last year in the wake of a dispute with a female colleague" after previously being reprimanded when he "queried the use of non-binary pronouns during the [LGBT rights] meeting and bluntly questioned whether gender is on a spectrum." As a result, this employee "alleges his dismissal is explained by Google's failure to understand how autism causes him to talk or act in ways that others misinterpret."

Why is the only other person with autism mentioned in this article also someone who has a problem with women? Like, what is this supposed to tell me?

Well, Marykate, its supposed to tell you that you do not understand autism, and you do not understand Mr. Damore. At all. Hillariously, the author puts this trigger warning right at the start of the article:

[NB: I know that opinion is somewhat mixed about person-first versus identity-first language, and both sides feel very strongly; since I'm not autistic, I don't get to have an opinion on this, and I've therefore switched between the two here to try and acknowledge both.]

So here's the fine little SJW trying to have it both ways. Damore is an Alt-Right monster, but he's also a victim because Autism. So yes everything he said in his memo was evil sad and wrong, but blah blah blah what was I saying again? Oh yeah, Grrl Power!

Newsflash, men with autism are a fucking cultural cliche! They're NERDS. They are awkward, distant, they like weird shit that nobody else likes, they don't say the right thing, they're useless with women, they look and dress funny. Nerds.

One other thing about nerds that Ms. Jasper has skimmed over. Guys like Damore? They know EVERYTHING. Because the single social refuge of the awkward dork is expertise. They are -right.- Being right is a coping mechanism for dealing with a world filled with assholes. Because when you are right, you're right. Two times two is four because its FOUR, by God, and the autistic fricking computer nerd that started hacking his TI-85 calculator when he was like eight, he is not going to sit still and be quiet when some fool says otherwise.He's going to tell you two times two is four. He'll tell you alot. You'll have to fire his ass to shut him up.

James Damore did not get fired for being -wrong.- He's not wrong. There's nothing in that memo which is factually incorrect. He got fired for being politically inconvenient. He was fired for mentioning truths which management had deemed would best be left unsaid, but lacked the courage to forbid. He got fired for being what he is: a problem solving math nerd that knows everything.

says its okay. Hate the nerds. Unless you need one to reprogram your phone. Then you should pretend to like them until the phone is fixed.

The Phantom

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Anonymous said...

More useful formulation, for this problem, of autistic. When you've used social control to lock everyone down, afraid to move for fear of stepping on a wrong colored tile, the autistic comes barreling in at midnight in a tinted window sedan with no headlights. "Did I hit something?"

Neurodiverse was never about good intentions towards autistics. It is a deliberate effort to conflate every flavor of organic mental illness with every flavor of gay. Either for political power or for an attempt to normalize and mainstream sexual predation that targets the mentally ill.

bob the fool