Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Remember, Diversity is strength!

Yes, diversity is strength, all cultures are equally valid, and only Whites can be racist. Yep, that's it. And the USA is the source of all eeevile in the world.

Tripoli, Libya (CNN) -- "Eight hundred," says the auctioneer. "900 ... 1,000 ... 1,100 ..." Sold. For 1,200 Libyan dinars -- the equivalent of $800.

Not a used car, a piece of land, or an item of furniture. Not "merchandise" at all, but two human beings.
One of the unidentified men being sold in the grainy cell phone video obtained by CNN is Nigerian. He appears to be in his twenties and is wearing a pale shirt and sweatpants.
He has been offered up for sale as one of a group of "big strong boys for farm work," according to the auctioneer, who remains off camera.

So, it seems that nothing ever really changes in some parts of the Big Diversity Quilt. Black Africans are for sale in Libya, and most likely lots of other places in the Arab world.

And somehow, some way, this is the White Man's fault. Because all cultures are equally valid, you know. Except ours. We are the bad ones.

The Phantom


Banshee said...

St. Exupery and his guys ended up freeing a slave in Libya, IIRC.

The Phantom said...

It makes me laugh, the way the Lefties posture and pout, strut and fret their #BLM bullshit day after day. Meanwhile there's actual black men getting sold as actual slaves all over the Middle East all the frigging time. Truly, the comedy is peerless.