Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Irony: Huffpoo is toxic to women.

In an irony so ironic that it could kill a hipster at 40 yards, we have this headline at Gizmodo:

Arianna Huffington Ignored Sexual Misconduct at The Huffington Post

The article goes on to detail Ms. Hufflepuff's essential abandonment of the other bitchez in her companies to the un-tender attentions of "brilliant jerks."

In May of 2014, Huffington sent a laudatory memo to her then staff at the Huffington Post about the promotion of one of her most trusted lieutenants Jimmy Soni, the then-managing editor at the Huffington Post and widely seen as her favorite among the editorial leadership team. Huffington announced to her employees that Soni would be leaving to launch HuffPost India in New Delhi, a surprising move since he had been promoted to managing editor in January 2012 with no direct background in editorial and after serving as Huffington's chief of staff for just nine months.

Not publicly known at that time was why Soni was suddenly being sent abroad and away from the newsroom. A few months later Gawker revealed that the transfer was likely the result of an HR investigation into whether Soni was sexually harassing young women while he oversaw the newsroom.

Given Huffington's new role as Uber's toxic culture clean-up consultant, Gizmodo spoke with nine Huffington Post employees, current and former, who spoke under the condition of anonymity because they continue to work in media and fear retaliation from Huffington. A former employee with direct knowledge of the investigation not only independently confirmed that the investigation was indeed the reason for Soni's transfer, but that Huffington "100 percent knew" about Soni's actions before they were reported to HR. Another employee in a senior leadership role at that time also confirmed Huffington's direct knowledge of Soni's harassing behavior before she sent out the memo, in which Huffington called it a "dream of Jimmy's, as both his parents were born and raised there." Huffington also noted in the memo that it was great for the company that Soni would be the one spearheading such a significant launch.

Gizmodo has also independently confirmed just what Huffington would likely have known regarding Soni's reputation in the newsroom and the ensuing allegations against him. Soni selected the individuals for HuffPost's Editorial Fellows program, and reportedly saw this program as a way to find a romantic partner. According to Gawker, when an editor reportedly pointed out to Soni that the group of fellows was predominantly white, blonde women, Soni reportedly responded in a semi-joking manner, "Yeah, I'm using it to find myself a wife."

This is all down to one guy fishing off the company pier, stupidly. He used his position as head of the internship program to solicit women. One of them even fell for it, it says in the story. 18 years old, it says. So, wow.

On the one hand, there's no accusations of violence or forcible assault. But on the other hand, there is evidence of coercion, using power of employment for leverage. This is the kind of thing where your daughter is getting pressure from middle management to "go out for drinks." The usual bullshit, in other words, that the media claims you find in every Fortune 500 office.

In the old days Dad would drop by the office for a quiet word with Mr. Middle Management, and that would be that. These days of course, Dad is very often nowhere to be found, and daughter is On Her Own. Divorce rates, right? Actions have consequences. This is one of them, lots of 18 year old girls with no adult backup. Out there and left to sink or swim. Yummy shark snacks.

The company is supposed to take care of things like this, particularly the Holy HuffandPuff Post, where "FEMINISM!!!!" is practically their mast head. Hufflepuff Post runs stories bemoaning Toxic Masculinity every day. They are SJW Central. They are steeped in the SJW juices. So if there was ever a place where this should not be happening, HuffPoo is it.

But there it is. A textbook case of managerial impropriety. Odious behavior of the lowest kind, short of physical assault.

And that is why I always say preventing sexual assault and sexual predation in the workplace is down to Personal Responsibility. It really is down to you girls to deal with it. And that is not because you should have to deal with it yourself. Somebody has a whole fricking job doing it. There's a whole fricking HR department getting paid for this, for God's sake. They are supposed to do it.

But, they don't. The reasons why they don't are many, various and complex, but the end result is simple. Y'all are stuck doing it yourself.

Life is hard. Wear a cup.

The Phantom

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