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Mainstreaming BSDM has consequences! Shock, surprise!

Its called a "perversion" for a reason, Ladies. If you get your kicks from getting beaten, you are doing it wrong.

Here's another guy who apparently drank the Leftie pervo bathwater, and now he's alleged to have assaulted three women while trying to get his freak on. (Three women said he did it. They could all be lying. Innocent until -proven- guilty, my friends.)

All three women confirmed to each other privately that the man they were referring to was writer Michael Hafford, a former freelance columnist for Broadly and freelance writer for outlets like Refinery29, Rolling Stone, T Magazine and more. The rapper ka5sh, a friend of Donahue's, also tweeted that Hafford was the man Donahue's tweet was referring to.

Hafford's column at Broadly, Vice's site aimed at women, was "Male Feminist Here," a satire of male feminism and allyship that ran for three months in 2015. (Disclosure: I also wrote a piece for Broadly in 2015.) "The Male Feminist knows how much the love of a good woman means. Hell, the Male Feminist would settle for grudging acceptance," Hafford wrote in the first edition of the column. "Not that he's desperate. He just loves being around women, you know?"

This is why Left leaning sites are getting weirder and weirder, I'm telling you. So many of the people who run them are getting exposed as PERVERTS!!! They are mentally ill.

But this part here is the kicker. Now we see why these women seem to keep getting victimized by these sick men.

In an interview with Jezebel, Donahue, the first woman to tweet about the assaults, says that she began talking to Hafford on Twitter in November 2015 and first met up with him in person at a bar in Bushwick, Brooklyn on December 12, 2015. At the bar, Donahue says she and Hafford were drinking heavily and that, while she does not remember going to Hafford's apartment, she remembers being in his bed, experiencing physical pain, and aware that she didn't like the sex. "I'm not sure if I voiced that or if I voiced that loudly enough, but I don't think that would have stopped him anyway," she says. (Hafford declined to comment to Jezebel on any of the allegations in this article.)

Donahue says that prior to meeting up, Hafford had asked her if she liked rough sex, but she says that what she experienced was "not rough sex." "Michael knows enough to be able to differentiate between what is rough sex and what falls into another category," she says. "If he didn't like his victims to be expressing physical and mental discomfort he knows one should implement safe words and other rules."

Here we see, by her own admission, in this case she VOLUNTEERED. He even asked her if she liked it rough, and SHE SAID YES. (How big an idiot is this woman, really?)

So what we have here is not sexual assault, it is morning-after regret because he did it wrong while she was drunk.
This is not to absolve the alleged perpetrator of anything, if the allegations are true. A man who does things like that is a mad-dog.  A man who does such things "needs seeing to", is about all I'm willing to put in print on the interwebz.

But, to be crystal clear, morning-after regret from a drunken debauch is a different thing from "sexual assault" wherein there is a perpetrator and a victim. Granting truth to the allegation for the sake of argument, this is two freaks going at it. She's complaining about the quality of the service.

I also found this bit here to be revealing:

Donahue was first emboldened to come forward on social media after a BuzzFeed investigation revealed that former Broadly editor Mitchell Sunderland had been emailing stories to Milo Yiannopolous to mock via Breitbart. The day after BuzzFeed's story came out, Vice's HR was first made aware of allegations around Hafford's behavior through these Twitter posts, and "he was banned from contributing to any of the company's properties," a spokesperson wrote in an email to Jezebel.

There's a political element here. How surprising, right? Donahue comes forward with her morning-after regret complaint that she's been sitting on for two years, after finding out that some OTHER guy who worked at the company was emailing Milo Yiannopolous. Seriously.

Now, does that mean I think this perverted behavior, if true, is okay? No. Absolutely not. Never okay.

What I think is that a guy who loudly espouses "male feminism and allyship" should be viewed with vast suspicion. I also think the correct answer to "do you like it rough?" is NO! followed by a hasty exit. It ain't right.

The Phantom

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