Thursday, October 26, 2017

Yet another Lefty perv unmasked.

This time a big art magazine guy.

Knight Landesman, a longtime publisher of Artforum magazine and a power broker in the art world, resigned on Wednesday afternoon, hours after a lawsuit was filed in New York accusing him of sexually harassing at least nine women in episodes that stretched back almost a decade.

In a prepared statement, the magazine's three other publishers said that Mr. Landesman had "engaged in unacceptable behavior and caused a hostile work environment."

My favorite part, a quote from his main accuser:

In an interview this week, Ms. Schmitt said that she never wanted to sue, but that she did so not just to protect herself, but also "the countless young men and women starting out in the art world."

"I had no power and no voice then," she said. "I don't feel that way anymore."

Hell yeah.

It makes me think we may finally be seeing the reason that art and movies and music have SUCKED so badly for so long. The creative landscape is being kept barren by assholes like this guy. How many serial molesters does it take to shut down the whole art scene in a city like New York? I imagine not very many. A few dozen like this one, placed in positions of power to cover for each other, could scare off all but the most determined attention whores.

And gee, what do we see in the art world these days? Very determined attention whores making really bad art.

The Phantom

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