Tuesday, October 24, 2017

The ultimate futility of gun control: back-alley gunsmiths.

Seen at The Firearm Blog today, the net result of Brazil's gun control laws. Cops busted an off-the-books gun factory.

Coincidentally, the day before TFB published Part 1 of a photo report on DIY weapons seized in Brazil (http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2017/10/17/bunch-diy-weapons-seized-brazil-part/), news broke  that the São Paulo State Civil Police had just busted a small – but very active – illegal weapons factory in the Ferraz de Vasconcellos suburb of São Paulo, the capital city. Although clandestine firearms manufacture is not something unusual in the country, this particular facility called the attention not only due to the fact that its main product, a 9x19mm stockless submachine gun, shows a somewhat decent general finish and apparent (hand-operated by agents) smooth functioning of components, but also that the type has for long (four years, at least) been found in criminal hands in different parts of Brazil.

When -everything- is illegal, criminals will make their own. When they do that, they usually go with full-auto versions. It isn't that difficult. Sheet-metal brake, welder, metal lathe, you're a gun maker.

Gun control does not even inconvenience an organized criminal enterprise, like a drug gang. They make money selling drugs AND selling guns.

As evidence of this truth continues to pile higher and deeper, Liberals continue to cling to their anti-gun religion. One might almost suspect an ulterior motive.

The Phantom

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