Tuesday, October 24, 2017

More Leftist idiots discover self defense.

I swear, sometimes I see stuff like this, and it makes me slap my forehead.

Rochester LGBTQ Gun Group launched: 'We have each others back'

Yeah, because who knows when something bad might happen, right?

But, Allen had a point to prove when he co-founded the "Trigger Warning Queer and Trans Gun Club." The group of approximately 20 people meet at a gun range once a month in Victor to learn how to shoot and safely own a firearm.

The group was also founded just weeks after President Donald Trump was inaugurated.

"One of the biggest things was that I'm fearful of the rise in violence coming from the far right," Allen said.

Allen told 13WHAM that self-defense has never been more important for the LGBTQ community and says one day it could be necessary.

You know my friends, I've been asking anti-gun Liberals this question for a very long time: "What are you going to do if the Church Lady gets elected?"

They're going to buy guns, that's what. Lots and lots of them. But when they run to the gun shop in a panic because the Orange Rodeo Clown got elected, and they're all suuuuper terrified that the Klu Klux Klan is gonna come for them, guess what they find out? There's GUN CONTROL. They can't buy the thing they need to save their delicate little lilac-scented ass, because they voted it out of existence in the 1990's.

What the hell have Conservatives been screaming for the last forty years? Hmm? The world is a dangerous place! Maybe you should have a weapon to protect yourself! Maybe you should practice with it, right? Get really good with it, so that some day when the shit hits the fan, you     can hit the broad side of a barn with it.

Welcome to the party, morons. About time you showed up. Hope you brought your own beer, I'm not sharing mine.

The Phantom

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