Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Another Lefty found to be a perv.

Lefty literary critic has been caught with his hand up somebody's skirt. Must be Wednesday.

Leon Wieseltier, a prominent editor at The New Republic for three decades who was preparing to unveil a new magazine next week, apologized on Tuesday for "offenses against some of my colleagues in the past" after several women accused him of sexual harassment and inappropriate advances.

As those allegations came to light, Laurene Powell Jobs, a leading philanthropist whose for-profit organization, Emerson Collective, was backing Mr. Wieseltier's endeavor, decided to pull the plug on it.

"Upon receiving information related to past inappropriate workplace conduct, Emerson Collective ended its business relationship with Leon Wieseltier, including a journal planned for publication under his editorial direction," the organization said in a statement on Tuesday. "The production and distribution of the journal has been suspended."

Laurene Powell Jobs is Steve Jobs' widow. I suspect she is not amused by Mr. Wieseltier's behavior.

What's interesting is the way guys like this seem to never falter. Following a different harassment investigation at the New Republic in 2014, old Leon left for greener pastures, and greener money.

After Mr. Wieseltier's departure from The New Republic, he landed on his feet, becoming the Isaiah Berlin senior fellow in culture and policy at the Brookings Institution as well as a contributing writer and critic at The Atlantic magazine. His friendship with Ms. Powell Jobs helped lead to Emerson Collective's purchasing a majority stake in The Atlantic this past summer.

The Big Left always lands on its feet. These guys are positively cat-like. Always the bigger job, the new magazine, the new movie, and nobody ever says anything about the women who's asses these Big Boys keep grabbing.

The corruption is wide and deep on the Left. If this guy was a Republican, he'd have been finished thirty years ago.

The Phantom

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WiFi Lunchbox Guy said...

If they land on their feet, it's because the public is willing to buy their fake repentence narratives.

Dropping movie and football attendance - to say nothing of the Fake News meme - may be a sign the end of this is in sight.