Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Illegal gun making... in Canada!

Over the years I've been yelled at by a -lot- of people over guns. Every good socialist knows that guns are horrible evil bad things, and only an insane evil Nazi murderer would even look at one in a store. I wish I was exaggerating. They're really like that.

The other favorite trope with them is that everybody is an inch away from SNAPPING!!!! and going on a murder spree. Take human, add gun, instant mass murder/death/kill. Yes, they really think that.

That's why they all love them some gun control, and they all demand a total 100% ban on civilian ownership of firearms. But not cops. Cops should have guns. Because a badge and a government paycheck are potent charms which render the police permanently sane, responsible, honest and guarantee they will never SNAP and do murder/death/kill. But anyone else will.

Essentially its moral laziness. They can't be assed to do the work to protect themselves. They think safety is something that should be handed to them on a silver platter, like television and health care.

But, being the eternal optimist, I often introduce inconvenient truths into the conversation. Such as, would you rather be shot or stabbed? Because when you ban guns, the thugs immediately switch to knives. So you are going to ban knives next? How are you going to do that? Prisoners in jails around the world make their own, under the most stringent surveillance that can be contrived by Man. You can make a knife out of a toothbrush. It just takes time and patience.

Another inconvenient truth, when you ban guns, people make their own. Yep. Just like with the knives, they get busy and make their own guns. Now, usually we see these little gun factories open up in places like Mexico, Brazil, Afghanistan, Pakistan. You know, them furrin countries where those picturesque primitive villages are, and where UNICEF goes to save the children. Places where Liberals like to send money, but they don't want to actually visit.

But not this time. No, this time the gun factory is in Montreal. This time it was a CANADIAN making guns for criminals.

A man who helped manufacture many illegal semi-automatic firearms at a factory in LaSalle faces the possibility of a four-year prison term for his crimes.

Daniel Spain, 51, appeared before Quebec Court Judge Mélanie Hébert at the Montreal courthouse on Monday for what was supposed to be the start of sentence arguments in his case. Instead, his lawyer, Joseph Elfassy, filed a motion arguing that the three-year mandatory minimum sentence he client already faces is unconstitutional.

Hébert agreed to carry over the sentence hearing to January to allow time for both sides to prepare arguments on the motion.

On March 29, Spain, an Île-Perrot resident, pleaded guilty to two counts of manufacturing prohibited firearms knowing that he was not authorized to do so. He worked Perfection Métal, a company based in LaSalle while its owner Jean-Pierre Huot made dozens of Tec-9-type semi-automatic pistols, including several that ended up being recovered by police at crime scenes in Quebec and Ontario.

I note in passing that four years for making a gun does seem excessive when you consider that one of the guys who actually used the guns is out on day parole already. The cop who killed Sammy Yatim in cold blood only got six years. The owner of the factory, Huot, got seven years.

What's important in Canada? Cold-blooded murder, six years. Making a gun, seven years. Helping make a gun, four years. Okay, Lefties? Learning yet? Not using it, just making it.

In conclusion, lets make all this crystal clear. Nobody in government cares if you get murdered. Nobody cares if there are armed terrorists, insane cops, drug dealers, or plain-vanilla lunatics running around killing Canadians. Not to put too fine a point on it, nobody in authority cares that most of the victims are black. And most of the people getting murdered in Canada really are black, or Indian.

What they care about is their next election, and their ever-expanding retirement fund. That's all. That's who Liberals are, that's what they do.

The Phantom


WiFi Lunchbox Guy said...

There's an article out there--hold on.

There was an article out there called "3D Printing and the Bugman", but it got nuked hard. Except for archival copies, which mysteriously don't show up on search engines.
Funny that.

In any event, the author makes the case that capable, independent manufacturers of anything profoundly threaten current progressive narratives, and independent weapon makers are right off the hook.
They really are more scared of people with crafting abilities than armed goons.

The Phantom said...

Thanks for posting that WiFi. Very good article. You raise an interesting point.

There's something about Canada that Canadians don't really get. Canada kills innovation. If you've got a new idea, new process, new theory, whatever, you take it to the USA and do it there.

I heard a story from a cardio/thoracic surgeon one time, he invented a widget for heart surgery. Big time-saver, very useful device. He tried to have it made in Canada for a long time. There was always some reason why it couldn't move forward. Sometimes regulations, sometimes manufacturing, always a stone in the path.

So he went to the USA and the thing took off like a rocket. Very successful.

An entire nation set up to maintain status quo, never allow success beyond a certain level without official approval, to control the population closely.

To a government like that, building weapons at home is the worst possible thing isn't it? One guy could arm a whole town in only a few years. He could teach other hobbyists, they could arm a whole city.

And the government wouldn't get any control at all.

Six years for murder, seven for making a gun. No wonder, eh?