Monday, August 06, 2018

Bringing a knife to a gunfight... in Nebraska.

Another nutcase ignores the age-old advice.

Lincoln police are looking for a man who exposed himself to another man while wielding a sword early Saturday morning.
The other man, 26, told police he was sitting in his car at West South and Southwest Ninth streets around 4:30 a.m., after walking his dog, when a naked man approached him with a sword.
The naked man tapped the driver's side window with the sword, and the 26-year-old grabbed his rifle from the vehicle, chasing the man into a wooded area nearby, Lincoln Police Officer Angela Sands said.
Here we have the typical thing that happens these days, a man who is clearly crazy and/or wasted on some sort of drug has a sword, and he's menacing people with it. A quick Google Maps reveals that the address is a suburban neighborhood next to a controlled-access highway.

Because I know that lots of anti-gun people read this type of thing, I'm going to point out a few items they'll miss.

First, some random 26 year old redneck scrub in Flyover Country, fricking Lincoln Nebraska, has a rifle in his car at 4:30 AM, and NOBODY DIED. Okay? What was the best possible outcome here? Armed crazy person, attempting assault with deadly weapon (and close in there is no weapon deadlier than a sword, my gentle flower children) and nobody died. It doesn't get better than that. A -cop- would have most definitely shot that guy. No question.

Second, despite everything the government does at all levels from top to bottom in the name of public safety, there's an insane person with a sword. Was the random 26 year old hopelessly paranoid to keep a gun in the car? No, apparently not. Because insane naked man with sword, tapping on his window. The chances of winning the lottery are very small, but somebody always wins it.

Third, how does this turn out if 26 year old doesn't have a gun? Hmm? Maybe he gets away clean in the car, or maybe he has to use the car on this guy. Chances of casualty are much higher. So he gets away, crazy guy still has his sword, now he's on the hunt for a new victim. Again, chances of injury or death are higher.

Fourth, how does this all turn out if the victim is less robust and less aggressive that a 26 year old male? Badly, right? Very, very badly. Even if nobody dies, lifetime PTSD for the victim.

And that, dear socialists, is why we mock you.

The Phantom

Update: Sarah Hoyt Instalanche!!!


Baba Tim said...

In most car vs sword and even car vs gun scenario's the car will win. It's a better weapon offering protection, speed, lot's of kinetic energy and it's reasonably maneuverable. I'd take the car in that fight every time.

The Phantom said...

I drive a truck, so truck wins, sword guy goes splat.

But that's not the best outcome, is it? The -best- outcome is the one where everybody wakes up the next morning, and says "Wow that was weird."

We don't know Sword Guy's intentions or his malfunction. Maybe his bitch girlfriend locked him out, and he's just a bit drunk. Maybe he's -kill everybody!!!- crazy, plus flying on PCP and therefore invincible. Either could be true. We do note that the guy knew enough to run from a rifle, so he can't have been all the way crazy.

So yeah, car wins, but gun gives you a much wider continuum of responses. You don't -have- to shoot him.

GWB said...

The car-weapon only works if the battlefield is open enough for it to maneuver (the guy has to be directly in front of or behind, you know, for it to work).
A firearm is much easier to maneuver, and is much less likely to get your auto insurance dropped.

The Phantom said...

GWB, good point. Imagine what's going to happen to the 26 year old if he uses the car on Sword Guy. Not a fun-filled future.