Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Britain blinks: Tommy Robinson freed on bail.

Her Majesty's government has blinked. It appears that between the hordes of protesters in the streets and the upcoming Brexit debacle, somebody decided it would be smart to let Tommy Robinson out.

This is probably a good decision. Jailing a guy for literally standing on the corner minding his own business with a phone in his hand was not a good look for Britain.

Because you know what? If the government is doing something in public that they can't afford to have live-streamed, they shouldn't be doing it. Taking a video of public employees doing something is a public service to the nation, not a crime.

As well, it is not a good sign for British democracy that they have vast mobs of 25,000+ taking to the streets over political issues. Rule by mob is not what you want to see in a democracy. Its more what you expect in a South American banana republic, where forming a mob is the only power common people have over government.

The Phantom

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