Tuesday, August 14, 2018

The Left is not happy with weed!

They wanted legal weed, they got legal weed. And now, a few months later, they are complaining about legal weed. I kid you not.

SEATTLE - Washington state's penchant for getting high is trashing the place.
Plastic "doob tubes" and small Mylar bags used to package pot are moldering in gutters, bleaching out in landfills and bobbing in waterways.
Concentrated nutrients and fertilizers left over from cannabis growing operations are being dumped in public sewers and making their way past wastewater treatment plants into Puget Sound. And millions of pounds of weed harvest waste that could be composted are instead getting trucked to landfills.
This, in a part of the country that prides itself on being environmentally friendly.
"We're seeing a lot of marijuana packaging in our public spaces," said Heather Trim, executive director of Zero Waste Washington, which organizes litter cleanups. "Cannabis packaging is adding to our load, which then gets washed into our lakes and Puget Sound."

Oh, the humanity! Plastic packaging! Oh noes, plant waste! Quell horreur, FERTILIZERS!!!!! [boo, hissss!] Make it stop!

Really, these people are absolutely shameless. Is there anything more objectionable than a Lefty enviroNazi?

The Phantom

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Unknown said...

A great deal of the so-called environmental movement is simply about the left's insatiable desire for power.

Emma Morrow said...

Thanos was another Enviro-nut.

Phssthpok said...

Easy solution:

Let people grow their own at home. No packaging, and most home growers wouldn't be arsed to hassle with hydroponics (the source of all the dumped fertilizers) and would grow in regular soil.

Oh wait. If that happened the state wouldn't get their 50% tax rate on every lick of cannabis in the state. Pity that.(/sarcasm)

jrcrum said...

So, are they going to write a strongly worded letter to the editor or something... start a petition against 'BIG WEED'?

Dave said...

The same people complaining about cannabis packaging are totally cool with dirty needles laying about all over the place.

Mike said...

I thought that half the reason to legalize marijuana was to give us biodegradable hemp-based plastic? I WAS PROMISED BIODEGRADABLE HEMP-BASED PLASTICS!

Filter said...

Make them pay a price on the plastic bags - like they made us do for plastic grocery bags.

R Gladstone said...

Nickel bags?