Friday, October 05, 2018

Typhus outbreak in... Los Angeles?

How to tell when your city and state are run by DemocRats: flea-transmitted typhus.

An outbreak of flea-borne typhus has hit downtown Los Angeles, the county Department of Public Health said Thursday. Health officials say they are investigating several cases of flea-borne typhus, a disease that infected fleas can spread to humans.
"Although typhus normally occurs throughout L.A. County, we are observing several cases in the downtown Los Angeles area," Los Angeles County Health Officer Muntu Davis said in a statement. "We encourage pet owners to practice safe flea control and encourage all cities in the county to ensure maintenance of their trash clean-up and rodent control activities."
Typhus can spread in areas where there is an accumulation of trash that attracts wild animals like feral cats, rats and opossums.

The appearance of diseases that typically affect places like Haiti or Syria are increasingly showing up in California. These are not super bugs or crazy, rare things like Ebloa. We're talking about the type of common ailments that are spread by filth. When nobody picks up the garmage, and people shit in the street because there's no place else to go, you start seeing things like typhus, cholera, dysentery, all kinds of diseases that were defeated in Europe in the 17th Century by 1) sewer systems, 2) clean water systems and 3) garbage collection.

But in California we see these vital infrastructure systems being destroyed by the people who administer them. Between Green initiatives, Lefty labor policy and flat-out corruption, large cities in California are descending into 3rd World hell-hole status.

Just keep voting DemocRat, California. You've got two of the Four Horsemen camping in your state, Disease and Death. Pretty soon you'll have the Black Plague sweep through and kill all those inconvenient street people and illegal migrants. Won't that be handy?

The Phantom

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Anonymous said...

You can thank L.A. for being a sanctuary city and bringing in all those "undocumented aliens".

The Phantom said...

Must disagree. Phoenix AZ has a huge illegal immigrant population, constantly coming into the city and leaving, constant churn. There's no typhus outbreak there. Because Phoenix does not allow homeless encampments to spring up. Also, they pick up the garbage.

LA has a DemocRat problem.