Wednesday, April 02, 2014

In Amerika, your car watches you.

New rules from NHTSA, cars starting in 2018 will have backup cameras.

The final rule issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will require all new vehicles under 10,000 pounds and built beginning May 1, 2018, to meet the new rear-visibility standards. The rule includes buses and trucks; motorcycles and trailers are exempt.
The rearview cameras can be mounted on many different parts of the vehicle somewhere on the rear of the car. They must give drivers a field of vision measuring at least 10 by 20 feet directly behind the vehicle. The system must also meet other requirements including dashboard image size, lighting conditions and display time.

No word on if the camera can be turned on remotely like your iPhone camera can, but I assume the answer is yes. No word on if it RECORDS what it sees too, but again, I assume yes. Because a couple gigs of flash memory is the size of a rice grain these days.

This is actually a multi-gig flash drive. Imagine how small the chip is. Now go find one in your car.

Think how handy that would be for NSA spies, not to mention insurance companies in court! Of course they did it.

When 2018 rolls around and we get news stories about cars keeping their rear-view camera data forever, remember you read it here first.

The Phantom


Alyric said...

It's a shame that I'm not likely to live long enough to see manned interstellar travel and terraforming realized, just to get the hell away from these lunatics.

The Phantom said...

If these lunatics get their way there won't BE any space travel, we'll all live in fucking little camps with our heads shaved.

North Korea is their dream state. Time we put the boots to them.