Sunday, April 20, 2014

Clinton fingerprints on Media Party monolith

Remember in the 1990's when the Internet was still very young, and this nobody named Matt Drudge had the Monica Lewinsky story to himself for like a whole frickin' week? Ever wonder how that happened? Well, now we finally know.

WASHINGTON – If you want to learn what Hillary Clinton meant by "the vast right-wing conspiracy," part of the extensive collection of dossiers the Clinton White House kept on its media enemies was released Friday by the Clinton Library.  The most important of the documents, "The Communication Stream of Conspiracy Commerce," originally some 331 pages, was reduced to only 28 pages in the sanitized and heavily redacted version posted by the presidential library.

Here's what they did:

The operation launched by the Clinton administration in response to this conspiracy theory was designed to prevent so-called "mainstream media" from picking up such stories. That effort came in several parts:

  • The original 331-page report was distributed by the White House and the Democratic National Committee to select reporters in an effort to discredit those behind the critical reports on the Clinton White House – namely billionaire Richard Mellon Scaife, journalist Joseph Farah, political activist Floyd Brown and the American Spectator.
  • Hillary Clinton's public relations effort to vilify what she called "the vast right-wing conspiracy."
  • A pattern of politically motivated audits of individuals and organizations by the Internal Revenue Service.

"It's quite an amazing story," said Farah, founder and editor of WND, whose Western Journalism Center was audited after the White House sent the IRS a letter from a constituent calling for an investigation. "It may all have a familiar ring to the tea-party groups of the 21st century. Clinton got away with it, so it was bound to happen again – and it most assuredly has."

Funny how it's exactly what the Obama White House is doing now, as Farah said. Funny how the whole Bundy Ranch thing so closely resembled Waco too. 

I think Clinton dipped his toe in the water with Waco and found it too hot for him, now Obama is having a go. These morons seem to think that control of the New York Times will let them do anything they want. Lucky for us it ain't true. Yet.

The Phantom


Greg said...

This is also apparent in the Sharyl Attkisson story. She left CBS because they cam to a mutual conclusion that her investigative talents were no longer needed there. The top news guy at CBS has a brother in the Clinton entourage already primed for her 2016 campaign. So no investigating Benghazi or Fast and Furious for her.

The Phantom said...

HI Greg.

The Sharyl Attkison thing is pretty revealing, but really its not news because we've all known this since Regan was in office. Remember Ronnie Raygun? Oh yeah.

This Clinton Library thing is -finally- documented proof that no shit, this really is deliberate and really is official Party Policy with a capital "P".

Documented evidence is harder to ignore than your lyin' eyes. Half the population works in some kind of clerical bullshit, documentation gives them a woody.

I'm virtually unemployable because I refuse to respect paperwork.