Thursday, April 10, 2014

BLM snipers update.

Well well. It appears that "militia" are involved now. I put that in quotes because to the Main Stream Media, anybody who shows up to object to a US federal government smackdown must be some kind of extra-chromosome right wing militia nutcase.

What this actually means, as far as the available video shows, is that more people are showing up on random roadsides in Nevada and getting tasered, punched out and bit by BLM attack dogs. All over, let us not forget, a tortoise.

Interesting datum number one, according to Bundy there used to be 52 ranches in the immediate area where the Bundys live. Now there's one (1), Mr. Bundy. Used to be wasn't very long ago either, we're talking the 1990's all this went down. They were all bought out by the state or the local county. If true, that's pretty interesting.
Interesting datum number two, the BLM is not enforcing this cattle seizure on federal land. They're not on federal land at all, and Bundy wasn't running his cattle on federal land. Its STATE land and county land.  State and county are not under the control of the BLM, supposedly.

My opinion so far, based on not a hell of a lot to be honest, is that this Cliven Bundy dude is a crank who won't cooperate by selling out like everybody else. So they're forcing him out. With 200 cops, at least one helicopter and I'm going to assume some of those nice MRAP armored vehicles that are so popular with cops these days. (No evidence of that yet, I'm just guessing they'd bring one along because they look all badass.)

Because he just won't do what he's told.

The Phantom


Alyric said...

To a bureaucrat - and a tyrant, but I repeat myself - anyone who says 'no', for any reason, is a dangerous radical that needs to be immediately put down, with as much show and force as possible.

That's what America has become.

The Phantom said...

Somebody in Washington has decided there's no reason not to stomp on uppity white men in rural America. There's two or three cases like this going on right now.

Also of concern is the EPA going forward with regulation in coal mining areas and the North Dakota oil lands.

The nail which sticks up will be hammered down.