Wednesday, April 30, 2014

46% of New Yorkers "struggling to get by". The plan to fix it? ID cards.

A recent study in New York revealed that almost half of the city is hovering just above the poverty level. Let's just grant that at face value, for the sake of argument.

Here's DeBlasio's plan to fix the issue:

The report outlined the de Blasio administration's agenda for mitigating poverty: municipal identification cards to provide immigrants with access to basic services and other supports, raising the local minimum wage, protecting low-wage workers, giving preferential treatment to city residents in public works jobs, raising wages at companies doing business with or receiving subsidies from the city, and more school services that also allow parents to work.

Yes friends, the DeBlasio plan is to make it more impossible to do business in a city that its already impossible to do business in. Oh, and give away more stuff.

What are the two obvious results that will obviously happen? Businesses will lay off minimum wage staff because otherwise they will go broke, and taxes will go up to pay for the more free stuff.

Other things that will obviously happen: more immigrants will come to get the free stuff, and more people who are making money will be driven away by the taxes.

Sitting here in my comfy command center here at Casa Phantom Norte, I have a question for all you New Yorkers. The question is, why did you vote for this asshole? Are you crazy?

The Phantom

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