Thursday, November 22, 2012

New Lefty plan: barbarism is the new cool.

Cross posted from the comments section at Small Dead Animals, today's Phantom cluebat to the cranium for some stupid chick who writes for The Guardian UK. Kate links to the commentary on said stupid chick's scribblings by David Thompson.

Miss Kieran Yates, stupid chick who writes for the Guardian UK.
I read this article this morning, and the appalling stupidity of it started building up some rant pressure which I must now vent. She's all a-flutter because rap "singer" Jay Z spent 15,000 Euros, about $20,000 bucks Canadian on truffles. That's about two pounds of expensive fungus right there.

Very expensive fungus.

From the article: "With his latest truffle extravaganza, what Jay-Z is in effect saying is that the world of decadent foodstuffs is not off limits – not to him, or to hip-hop culture. Assumptions are slowly being challenged."

The whole point of this woman's article is the last sentence. "Assumptions are slowly being challenged." This "challenging assumptions" business is the root of the Post-Modern Art weed which is strangling Western culture these days. This need to "transgress" against the "norms" of society, to chastise Westerners for their beliefs and the way they take certain values and behaviors for granted, it forms the whole foundation and most of the body of work performed by modern writers and journalists.

Super rich guy.
Consider that the bare fact of a wealthy black person buying truffles is entirely unremarkable. People don't usually become wealthy because they are stupid or undiscerning, and truffles are very expensive because they are A) hard to grow and B) extremely popular among people with discerning tastes. Rich people buy truffles because they are tasty. No doubt I'd buy them too, if they weren't so expensive I've never sampled one.
Jay Z's audience demographic. Nice dental work.
Consider that the stereotype of "violent asshole" pinned on rap musicians is not undeserved. That is in fact the whole point of rap music, and musicians vie with each other to see who can amass the biggest reputation as the most hard core criminal possible.
Violent assholes, Ol' Skool style.
So here we have little Miss Kieran Yates celebrating the expansion of "bling" to include expensive food, as if that was a good thing. It isn't. Cases in point:

The Vikings used to like bling too. They liked it so much they used to make piles of it.
Viking hoard of bling.

 Some guys used to bling-out the skulls of their enemies and display them.

Pimp my cranium, baby.
 Some guys had the "potlatch" ceremony in which items of great worth were displayed and then destroyed to show the owner's power. (This prominently included slaves on the west coast of Canada, for those who may be interested in what bastiges the eeeeevile Europeans were for interfering with indigenous culture.)
The guy in the middle has really big balls. Or wants you to think so.
The concept is you make a big pile of the sh1t you stole to scare your enemies and let the ladies know how big your b@lls are. Its not a new idea, and its not a good idea either.

Now, its entirely possible that putting Mr. Jay Z and "barbarian" in the same sentence is unfair. Mr. Z might well be a man of discerning taste and refinement. I'm sure I don't know, and I'm very sure I don't care. At all. Because this isn't about Mr. Jay Z.

Its about little Miss Kieran Yates, the Guardian, and the Western Left in general and their fetishistic celebration of BARBARISM. The very idea that rappers [aka violent @ssholes] are trying to expand their notion of bling, or as they used to say in the old days "booty", "swag", "loot" and all the other synonyms for "something valuable which was probably stolen" is not something that should be getting celebrated in a civilized society. Barbarian activities and barbaric practices are NOT GOOD THINGS if you're trying to keep a civilization going.

Therein lies the issue. Little Miss Kieran Yates and company are not trying to keep civilization going. They are trying to BREAK it and replace it with barbarism. When white people buy truffles that's Imperialist hegemony. When black rappers do it, its -cool-.

Here's what I want to know, little Miss Kieran Yates: is it still going to be cool when rappers start wearing the finger bones of their enemies?
Paris runway next year?
 Scalps as fashion accessories, the next couture craze?
It goes with my shoes, dahling.

YouTubes of counting coup before bludgeoning/shooting/stabbing their foes to death, hot or not?
That ain't horse hair.

Ear collections, the next must-have item for the aspiring rap musician?
These will look good on my belt.

The Phantom


Black Mamba said...

I'd love to listen in on you and Indiana Homez having this discussion out - the worth of Rap/Hip Hop etc. Beyond that I can only contribute this, fom the late Allen Bloom's The Closing of the American Mind (1987) - about Rock and Roll he wrote: "These are the three great lyrical themes: sex, hate and a smarmy, hypocritical view of brotherly love."

Well, it interests me.

The Phantom said...

This is another gambit in that culture war we're loosing. Black people doing potlatch is -cool-, white people doing it is Eeeevile. White people even having money at all is evil.

Truth, I never listen to rock any more. I'd grant Allen Bloom the first two themes, the third is kinda meh as far as I can see.

I listen to instrumental electronic. Themes are:
2)dancing until you collapse.
But its hard to tell because there's no words, it being instrumental and all.

Rap music themes are:
1)perverted sex
4)using as many swears as possible in every sentence.

No doubt Homez would cow on me for that summation, but really like I said in the post it isn't about rap. Its about the love affair with "transgression" that the Lefties all have.

How much transgressing can you do before you've destroyed all shared social values and there's nothing to transgress against? At what point does the final transgression become insisting that those previously shared values be respected? When do the squares become the edgy progressive ones because they refuse to bend?

Pretty friggin' soon, maybe?

These Guardian ASSHOLES seem absolutely determined that we are all going to find out.