Friday, November 16, 2012

Hot girls and Bacon, armed and dangerous edition!

In honor of the 35 year old lady in this story, who shall remain nameless at her request, today we have hot girls carrying heat.  She was confronted by a pervert while out for a walk with her little kid and she shoved a gun in pervboy's face. AWESOME! And bacon, of course. Gotta have bacon!

Girls with guns!
FN-FAL, my favorite!

Looking good at the SHOT Show

IDF soldier girl looking good on duty.

American soldier girls looking good OFF duty in Iraq.
Ok that's just silly. But hot!

Top model says that where guns are concerned, bigger is better.

Good luck to the IDF today, and good hunting.

And now crispy, yummy bacon...
Yes, it is a bacon gun.
...shaped like a gun. Don't tell me you never thought of that.

The Phantom


Unknown said...

Sorry, SIG, not FAL.

The Phantom said...

Upon closer inspection I believe you're right. :(

Anonymous said...

Actually Swiss Arms SG 550...