Monday, November 05, 2012

Disaster relief socialist style: Victoria's Secret update!

This here is surreal. You're not going to believe this, so here it is in print fer ya:

Dozens of National Guardsmen, and Army and Air Force personnel who have been sleeping at Manhattan's Lexington Armory in between hurricane-relief shifts are being booted — to make room for Victoria's Secret models in anticipation of Wednesday's runway show.

About 300 uniformed personnel have been bunking down at the armory at various times since Sandy hit.

But their numbers will be reduced to 60 by Wednesday for the event, which is featuring Rihanna and Justin Bieber.

The military workers will be relocated to the Jacob Javits Center, Harlem Armory and hotels such as the Marriott East Side and Ramada East Side — where they'll bunk five to 10 per room on the government's dime, sources said.


A massive transformer generator was being brought in for the show, and a huge Sony video board was hauled to the site.

Just to rub some salt in this wound, lets lay it out:

  • Soldiers,
  • on duty for disaster relief,
  • in a disaster which is still a DISASTER,
  • in a place where over a million people haven't had power since Tuesday and still don't,
  • are being kicked out of the armory
  • which was built and is maintained specifically for SOLDIERS to use during time of war, disaster, insurrection, plague and what have you,
  • which cost the taxpayers of New York millions and millions and millions of dollars over the years,
  • which is a Federal building under control of FEMA for the duration of the emergency,
  • an emergency which is still in place,
  • are being kicked out of their barracks for an underwear show,
  • which is being powered by a huge generator that is urgently needed about a hundred other places by people who are cold and hungry,
  • and is using equipment being delivered by large trucks which probably should be working to deliver that generator to the cold-and-hungry people.

New Yorkers, this is your government in action. This is the action delivered by your President, Barack Obama, who you voted for in droves, who promised to cut the red tape and get you people looked after. 100% fail.
Tomorrow you get to vote on who runs your government. I suggest you think about that Victoria's Secret show at the Lexington Armory and what it represents to you personally before you do.

Here endeth the lesson.

The Phantom

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