Monday, November 19, 2012

More proof that Animal Rights activists are not pro-animal.

They are not pro-animal. They are anti-human. Evidence, the bunny huggers are all up in arms about Brit Army surgeons getting trained on pigs.

Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals spokesperson Klare Kennett said the training exercises, which take place twice a year in Denmark, were "abhorrent and shocking".

"Pigs are intelligent animals and most people would be appalled by this, especially as there is an alternative available which does not involve harming any animals," she said.

What alternative?

Animal rights campaigners argue that life-like human simulator devices are more effective for medical training than live animals.

That's right, the "campaigners" say sewing up a DOLL with some tubing inside is better training than sewing up a live pig with a real gunshot wound.

And what -terrrrrrrrible- things do the mean army men do to the nice piggy?

The animals are heavily anaesthetised before being shot at close range "to damage organs but not kill the animals", and are then operated on before being killed humanely, the ministry said.

I'm sure piggy suffers horrrrrrribly in his sleep.

Now, its obvious (to me at least) that the Ministry of Defense is already bending so far over backward to appease the animal lover whackos that their heads are touching the floor, and the whackos say its not enough. It will -never- be enough. The whackos would not be happy if Britain disbanded its army, beat all the tanks into plowshares, razed the cities to the ground and turned the island into a bucolic, 1700's vegetarian farm community. That literally would not make them happy. They'd be screaming about animal slavery of the poor farm dogs and sheep and barn cats.

You can't reason with people like that. Because they aren't reasonable. As in, will not respond to reason. Or common sense, or history, or actual eye-witness demonstrations, or any other form of communication.

Unfortunately, because they're completely nuts they are tireless.  Gadflies who end up getting their way because they simply never, ever, ever stop bothering policy makers. The truth about the people who make policy in government is that they are LAZY, and will predictably take the path of least resistance every single time. That's why the MOD stopped doing this training for surgeons in 1998, because it was easier.

Now of course we see the program being reinstated for the same reason. Because its easier to have the program and put up with the screaming nuts than it is to explain to Mrs. MacDonald why wee Geordie died from his wounds due to an incompetent surgeon. Mothers outnumber animal rights wingnuts by a healthy margin.

Just so we all know what we are dealing with.

The Phantom

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