Friday, May 01, 2020

Happy May Day, peasants. You may give up your guns now.

I went out to cut the grass, and when I came back Trudeau has banned a whole bunch of guns.

1) M16, AR-10, and AR-15 rifles and M4 carbine (which represent one family of firearms commonly known as the AR Platform)
2) Ruger Mini-14 rifle
3) Vz58 rifle
4) US Rifle M14
5) Beretta Cx4 Storm carbine
6) Robinson Armament XCR rifle
7) CZ Scorpion EVO 3 carbine and pistol

8) SIG Sauer SIG MCX and SIG Sauer SIG MPX carbines and pistols
9) Swiss Arms Classic Green and Four Seasons series rifles
And new categories!

1) Firearms with 20 mm bore or greater

2) Firearms capable of discharging a projectile with a muzzle energy greater than 10 000 joules. That means anything that shoots a .50 BMG rifle cartridge.

If you are unfortunate to own any of the above, you are now a criminal. They're giving you two years to get rid of it before they come for you. Because fuck your private property, Canadians.

The Phantom


A said...

The .50bmg was made illegal back in early 90's. Is it to early to start shooting the bastards or is it to late.

The Phantom said...

The .50 Barret semi-auto was banned in the 1990s. Bold action chambered in .50BMG were legal. Until today.

Because of all the criminals holding up 7/11s with $8,000 dollar rifles that fire ammunition that costs $10 a round.

This is about punishing the West and all the rural Conservative voters. Nothing more, nothing less.

It was too late in 1968 dude. Never going to happen, unless/until people are dying in the streets of Toronto, just dropping dead from starvation. I'm not going to rule that out, given how awesome the management of COVID-19 has been. Seems like their goal, almost.

Sam L. said...

You may be in luck! I saw no mention of AK-47s! I coulda missed them, but didn't see them on the re-read, either!

A said...

My bad. I thought all 50's were banned with the Barret. I didn't turn mine in I sent it to a friend in the US. I sometimes wish I hadn't but when or where could I shoot it.

Pulp Herb said...

It does seem like we should be out of that awkward stage by now.

The Phantom said...

Greetings gents.

Sam, the AK type has been banned since 1992. New types like the CZ developed since then were not banned, which goes to show how serious they were about it. Not very.

They're not serious this time either. Contained in that list of "firearms" are three websites and a locksmith in New Brunswick. Really not kidding.

A, I'm sorry for your loss. I always wanted a .50, could never justify the expense. But at least your baby is safe in a free country.

Pulp, you would think after DECADES of public policy failure that Canadians would have wised up. But no, they didn't.

Maybe this time after the Liberals loosed a fucking plague on them they'll start to think for a change?

Jay Harper said...

They also banned the Black Rifle Coffee company. What do they have against coffee?

The Phantom said...

Jay, I didn't know about that one. Link? I'll do another post.

The Phantom said...

Never mind, there it is. They did ban the Black Rifle Coffee Company.

Jay Harper said...

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