Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Toronto Danforth shooter, Wednesday update.

Ezra Levant at The Rebel has been busy this week, asking questions that the Metro Toronto Police and the CBC have been very slow to answer. This video encapsulates his efforts, and their results. Thanks to Kathy Shaidle from Five Feet of Fury for the video.

Ezra Levant: Canadian media hides Toronto shooter's links to Islamic terror

Mr. Levant observes that it is interesting the CBC released the letter alegedly from the shooter's parents, at exactly the same time that Metro Police released his name. Meaning, among other things, that CBC certainly had a heads-up on the name before the release, and also meaning that somebody had time to draft the letter CBC reported. CBC to date has not provided any information on the provenance of the letter, or said how they got it, or when. He noticed, as I did, that the shooter seemed very well trained for a depressed mental health patient, and wondered where the gun came from..
Mr. Levant also mentions he's being chastised on Twitter by establishment media people for daring to raise questions about the shooter, and the letter. Nobody appears to care much that two girls died, or that this may have been a terror attack, or that there may be more people planning terror attacks. What they really want is for Ezra Levant and The Rebel to shut the hell up.
My question here is, why the focus on getting people to shut up and stop asking questions? Why the obvious media stick handling to obscure the facts of the case? Two kids are dead here, we need to know what the hell happened, and as soon as possible. The only concrete news is on blog sites like The Rebel and Small Dead Animals.  (Surprising no one, the gun was illegal and Canadian legal gun owners are to blame. The answer is more gun control, and that will be coming down the pipe from Ottawa with unseemly speed.)
The answer is, Liberals as a group are much, much more afraid of Canadians than they are of criminals and terrorists.
Here's the proof, another Rebel video courtesy of Kathy Shaidle in my inbox.
Apparently, bringing up the fact that media outside of Canada are reporting that the killer, Faisal Hussain, may have had an ISIS connection is "racist".
WATCH as a teacher attending the memorial with her children, berates The Rebel for doing journalism by asking uncomfortable questions about the murderer's motivation.
Now, I've never met the woman in the video. Let's be clear about that, I don't know her from Adam.

But I've met clones of her a thousand times in Canadian schools, hospitals, government institutions, Toronto street corners and businesses. She's a Liberal voter, or maybe NDP, and she's representative of the reason our media and our government are the way they are. They are trying to get her vote and her readership. She's the target demographic. So watch the video, if you can, and get a load of what's running our institutions.

At this point, I've come to my own conclusions and they're different than what the woman in the video and obviously my government want me to think. Clearly, the shooter was a trained man. Clearly, he didn't get his training in Canada. This was a straight-up terrorist attack, his goal was to kill as many people as he could. I don't really care what his political or religious affiliation was beyond that, but given reports from American news it seems obvious this was an Islamic State deal, that explains the training, the gun etc.

But even if he really was a lone nutcase, as a practical matter it doesn't really make any difference. There's shooters running around Toronto, and the government's main thrust of effort is to make sure I don't get out of line. The propaganda, the official speeches, the existing policy, the police protocols and tactics, all pointed at keeping people in line and quiet.
People are literally dying in the street, and the government is afraid of me. I'm their biggest problem.

It is the official policy of Canadian governance, and it has been for a very long time indeed if you look at how the laws are written, that the general citizenry is largely composed of unreasoning brutes. Peasants who must be corralled, fenced, directed and occasionally culled for the good of the herd. People who are too stupid to be trusted with their own money or their own freedom.

The reason Liberals love tax increases is that they view ever dollar in private hands as WASTED. If only that dollar was the propery of government at some level, then it could be more surely directed to the betterment of all men, instead of the mere enrichment of a few greedy scum. The reason Liberals love gun control is because while they, Liberals might be trustworthy enough to have a gun (maybe), surely all those OTHER people out there, those [shudder] Doug Ford voters, those Trump and Brexit voters, they're crazy! They're NAZIS!!! They'll kill everyone!

Too much? You think I overstate the case? Go back and watch that video again. That woman fears the danger of "demented Doug Ford voters" soooo much more than an actual killer really killing people in her neighborhood. Hey, only two kids died, her kids were okay, its all good, right? Gotta make sure those white supremacist racists don't start death marching brown people into Lake Ontario, that's the real danger here.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is where we are right now.

The Phantom

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Bill G said...

My thoughts on what pushes the Gun Control movement down here in the U.S. ...
I believe what the leaders fear most is the mind of the person who goes out and buys a gun. That person has acknowledged beinng his or her own first line of defense and has acted rationally to address the need and accept personal responsibility. And that person may then look around and see what else they can do for their own self, without waiting for the government.
And when too many people do that, the left as we know it today is finished.

The Phantom said...

Hey, Bill. Here's my take on what pushes the gun control bullshit here and in the USA.

Bottom line, there's three things.
1) They are pandering to the bitch in the video, feeding her hatred and fear. She votes.
2) Gun control is easy. You make a speech, pass a law, you're done.
3) They lose nothing by enraging conservatives. We already don't vote for them.

That's what's going on, plus a really evil contempt for their fellow man.

Anonymous said...

We LOVE our massively increased DIVERSITY.
But.. but..
It's those dammm gunnnnnns.
more laws
more laws
more laws

overheard later..

Mohammed: "guns are now banned & confiscated from civilians!"
Khalid: "Allah be praised!"
Fatima: "Our 30 cases of AK47s are just in from Iran"
Mohammed: "We will fulfill our duty to sweep away these infidels -as it is written.
IMAM: "paradise will be yours!"

Wolf seeks prey.
Canadians must prepare to drop to the bottom of the food chain.

That, or stop importing wolves.