Monday, July 23, 2018

Shooting in Toronto, dead suspect still not named.

Last night there was a shooting attack on Danforth Avenue at Logan, out in front of Mr. Greek and The Big Carrot. Two victims died so far, twelve more were wounded. Wounded means shot, by the way. Wounded means they'll never be right again. One of them is a 9 year old girl.

Here's what the Mayor of Toronto, John Tory, has to say about it:

Toronto Mayor John Tory called the shooting "a despicable act" and expressed outrage that someone had "unleashed such a terrible attack on our city and people innocently enjoying a Sunday evening."

At a sombre gathering of Toronto council Monday morning, Toronto Mayor John Tory renewed his call for tougher gun laws, wondering aloud "why would anyone need a gun in this city at all?"

"There are far too many people carrying around guns in our city and our region who should not have them," Tory said as he addressed council in the wake of Sunday night's mass shooting before council was adjourned until later Monday out of respect for the shooting victims.

"You've heard me ask the question of why anyone would need to buy 10 or 20 guns, which they can lawfully do under the present laws," Tory said.

"And that leads to another question we need to discuss: why does anyone in this city need to have a gun at all?"

People in Toronto need guns because there are assholes walking down Danforth Avenue shooting random passers-by, John. Wake up and smell the fucking gunpowder.

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