Saturday, July 28, 2018

"Amsterdam 'lawless jungle' at night"

Amsterdam, the super Progressive Dutch center of Do Your Own Thing, with legal prostitution and legal drugs, has a problem. The problem is that people from all over Europe are coming to Amsterdam to get wasted, visit prostitutes, and do their own thing.

Tourist hotspot Amsterdam turns into a "lawless jungle" after dark with the police powerless to intervene against crime and violence, the city's ombudsman warned in an interview Saturday.
"The city centre becomes an urban jungle at night," Amsterdam's official ombudsman Arre Zuurmond told Dutch daily Trouw, warning of illegal car and bike races zooming through the streets, open drugs sales and general mayhem.

It seems that just as in Toronto Canada and London England, the cops have stopped arresting people for committing crimes in the street in broad daylight.

Zuurmond paints a painful picture of the city centre's nightlife after previously setting up three cameras in the busy Leidseplein square ringed by bars and clubs.
"One night we counted 900 offences, mainly between the hours of 2:00am and 4:00am. The atmosphere is grim, and there is an air of lawlessness," he said.
"Scooters race through the pedestrian areas. There is a lot of shouting. Drugs are being bought. There is stealing. People pee and even poop on the streets," he said.
"There is violence but no action. You can even pee on the van of a mobile (police) unit and the driver won't say anything."

Yep. When cops stop arresting people for doing crime, the people do more crime. And they keep doing more and more and more. Crime pays, unless you arrest the people doing it.

Its funny that Leftists and community organizers never seem to be able to grasp this basic reality of human behavior. Then they are all shocked and surprised when their city gets over run by drunken assholes and panderers.

The Phantom.

Update: Here's a contrary opinion.

Sorry, but this is all the purest of nonsense. I'm in Amsterdam quite frequently – most recently in June, when, as it happened, on several days in a row, I walked a great deal around parts of the city center, including Leidseplein and the fringes of the Red Light District. I did much if not most of my walking during the hours between midnight and six A.M. I like walking, and after forty years in New York City I know how to keep my eyes open – and I know Amsterdam well enough to know where I'm likely to be safe.
In downtown Amsterdam, with a few exceptions, you're safe. That's not the dangerous part of the city.
Why, then, did Arre Zuurmond give such a dishonest interview? I don't know the man, but when I read AFP's story (before I saw Moran's), my first thought was that this silliness was part of a desperate attempt at deflection – an effort to draw attention away from Amsterdam's real problem. And that problem has nothing whatsoever to do with young guys from Britain, let alone from the Dutch provinces, roaming the inner city at night. No, it's about the Islamic communities on the fringes of downtown and in the city suburbs. Hand me a map of Amsterdam and I'll show you just how far you can go in any direction from the center of the city before you start risking real trouble. It's not that far – heading west, it's only a matter of four or five tram stops.

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