Thursday, January 11, 2018

The unbearable thickness of camels.

The Floppy Cameltoe is at it again, fucking around playing spam filter while ripping off my comments to provide grist for his blog.

My reply to his idiotic bleating is as follows:

Have -you- read the article, Floppy? Its classic de-platforming based on the "but QUALITY!!!1!" argument so beloved of Hugo gatekeepers. Just eliminate all those poorly written tacky books, and concentrate on the Good Ones. Which he gets to decide on, of course.

There's a saying attributed to the son of a bitch that burnt the Great Library of Alexandria. "If it agrees with the Koran, it is superfluous. If it disagrees, it is blasphemous." Same thing, just faster.

Essentially what they're doing on Twitter, Facebook and Google right now, but without the lying, sneaking and weaseling.

Somebody tell me again how far it is from San Jose to Mountainview.

 Jeasus, Floppy. What is wrong with you man?

Update: Incidentally for others reading, the bit regarding the library of  Alexandria originated with Dr. Locketopus, an inspired comment indeed. Credit where credit is due.

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