Friday, January 26, 2018

More floppy cameltron antics.

Today in our soap opera "As The Turd Whirls," Floppy Cameltron again scrapes the comments of somebody else's blog for something to write about. Normally I don't care what Floppy says, but he's taking one of my comments out of context, again, so I'm putting the context back in.
Robin Munn
As I said in a comment at Mad Genius… actually, I'll just copy and paste the comment over here.
The worst insult I can think of giving to someone is to tell them "You are a liar, and the truth is not in you." (Which comes from the Bible, in 1 John 2:4). Which is what I have had to conclude about both Damian Walter and Mike Glyer — and I have recently had to add Camestros to that list as well, having finally seen first-hand what he writes when he's not trying to hide his opinion of the Puppy movement.
I suspect Flopatron of being some sort of lawyer/law student. He argues by misdirection, nitpick, mangling words, redefining things in his favor. Currently he is arguing the "quality not politics" angle. Badly, be it said, as he merely dances around the issue and cannot back anything up.
Business as usual, in other words.
Nah, he's a writer in Australia. Dave Freer knows him by sight.

  • Dave Freer had him in his sights and didn't fire? Admirable restraint.

  • So he an Australian law school dropout?
    IS, there should be an is in that sentence.

    There we go, context changes the conversation considerably.
    One thing does remain constant though. Floppy Cameltron still has fuck all to talk about besides Sad Puppies.
    The Phantom

    Update! Currently floppy cameltron is getting plenty of traffic from other people's efforts. I've dropped two replies in there today, and he's still playing spam filter. Such is the weakness of his backbone, I suppose.

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