Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Stan Lee accused of #MeToo

Let this stand as the moment when #MeToo officially jumped the shark. Stan Lee of Marvel Comics fame is 95 years old. He has full-time nursing staff at his house looking after him.

The un-named owner of an un-named company is claiming through some kind of media rumor mill connection that Stan sexually harassed the nurses.

Now, I have some home-care experience. One of the things that is simply Not Done in homecare is discussing clients. Patient confidentiality is a moral imperative, and a legal one as well. Nurses are bound by it. If your client is behaving badly, you can quit but you can't talk about it.

Second, inappropriate sexual conduct by a 95 year old man is often a sign of stroke or other malign brain disease process. You don't usually see that in a guy with no previous history of it.

Third, Stan just lost his wife in July. Making this shit officially Not Funny.

Really, I don't care if the old bastard grabbed every one of them. This is not about him. This is about professional conduct and the duty owed a patient. Even if he did it, he's the victim. If he did not do it, as I find likely, he's doubly the victim. No, we should not "believe the women."

Bringing us quickly to the point. Even Harvey Weinstein is due his day in court, and due his presumption of innocence until proven guilty. Because for every mad dog, there are a hundred Stan Lees out there.

I've been laughing about #MeToo because after a lifetime of watching Hollywood/DemocRat snakes skate way scott free, now, finally they all got nailed. But it seems the fun is over, and the wolves are out hunting juicy sheep.

Didn't take long, did it? Just since October.

The Phantom


Foxfier said...

Of course they went for him. He's a geek, and he's ancient, and he's rich.

The Phantom said...

And he makes his money based on his public reputation. Perfect sheep for the shearing.

One sees the positive aspects of the Code Duello at times like this.