Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Whitewashed futures?

This kind of thing is beginning to piss me off.

New Blade Runner trailer. Not a single PoC. I'm no more willing to tolerate this than I was GitS. Uninterested in whitewashed futures.

That's N.K. Jemsin, SFF writer and Hugo nominee this year. You think anybody is going to call her on this?

Me neither.

The Phantom


Sam L. said...

Not gonna see the new Blade Runner. Saw the original.

The Phantom said...

In truth, Blade Runner is not my favorite. Such an un-relenting downer. Much like Nora's books.

But, I will be damned if I sit still and listen to somebody slag a film based on the skin colours of the people in the trailer. That is beyond the pale.

Ignorant, self righteous idiots (not Sam L, to be clear) are welcome to look up the word "pale" and see if it has anything to do with skin tone.