Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Pope.

The Pope met Trump yesterday. The Rodeo Clown and his poofy fashion model wife comported themselves as befits lay persons meeting the Pontiff of Rome.

Both the First Lady, Melania Trump, and the First Daughter, Ivanka Trump, accompanied the President to the high-profile engagement, and both chose to honour the traditional Vatican dress codes by wearing black, long sleeved dresses and veils - the former even choosing to honour her host nation by wearing Italian label Dolce and Gabbana.

That's what the leaders of states are supposed to do when they meet a religious leader. They are supposed to be respectful. Religion is about the soul, the spiritual life of Man, and God. Those are bigger things than nations and politics.

What did the Pontiff of Rome do?

Pope Francis joined an international chorus urging Donald Trump to meet U.S. commitments on climate change in talks at the Vatican Wednesday.

Francis gave the U.S. president a copy of his 2015 encyclical calling for urgent, drastic cuts in fossil-fuel emissions after a half-hour meeting in his private study.

Francis's choice of gift suggests he is adding his voice to those pressing Trump not to renege on the Paris accord, which is the cornerstone of global efforts to limit climate change. The Vatican said in a statement that the talks focused on international affairs and the promotion of peace, with particular emphasis on health care, education and immigration.

He used his position as the religious leader of the Roman Catholic Church to push politics. Stupid ones at that.

What analogy can encompass this?

Imagine a beautiful Louis XIV sideboard. It is solid, beautifully figured mahogany. It has ebony and rosewood inlay. It has gilded feet and gilded scrollwork drawer pulls and door handles. The top is a marquetry masterpiece, veneers laid to depict a view of the French countryside as envisioned by Charles Le Brun. Fragile, precious and complete unto itself, having no purpose other than to be what it is. A work of breathtaking wonder.

Pope Francis has it out in the kitchen. He's cutting meat on it and storing onions inside.

The Phantom

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