Thursday, May 18, 2017

The groveling continues!

And now, the CBC grovels.

The managing editor of CBC's "The National" was reassigned Wednesday for what the public broadcaster called "an inappropriate, insensitive and frankly unacceptable tweet" he made as part of a controversial debate over cultural appropriation.

In a memo distributed to staff, CBC News editor-in-chief Jennifer McGuire said Steve Ladurantaye will now work on its digital "storytelling strategies" and reach out to indigenous communities "as part of his learning process."

"As you know, Steve Ladurantaye apologized for his action," said McGuire in the memo. "He has made it his goal to better understand the appropriation issue from the perspective of Canada's indigenous people.

"We will support Steve in these efforts and I am confident that the work and conversations we are engaged in will, in the long run, make Steve and all of us better journalists and better leaders."

I have a question: how objective can the managing editor of the official Canadian national news show be if one ill-considered tweet gets him removed? Is he going to report honestly about anything?

Nope. And that is why I have not seen The National for night on to ten years or more. Because it is bullshit.

The Phantom

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