Thursday, May 28, 2015

Question for the ladies about models and fashion.

Ok girls, this one is for you.

Will you be inspired to buy fashion modeled by a dude? Because fashion houses seem to be definitely going that way.

Transgender Hari Nef has signed a modelling contract with top agency IMG models, joining the likes of Gisele Bundchen, Candice Swanepoel, Gemma Ward and Gigi Hadid.
The 22-year-old actress and model, and recent Columbia graduate, was named one of New York's rising stars in edgy publication Dazed Magazine and has since been voted Dazed Reader's 100 list of today's most influential fashion, film and music rebels.

Totally stoked to have landed this job, Hari Nef does the Happy Dance.
Kid looks overjoyed, eh?

I remain unconvinced by the entire "transgender industry" argument that gender is a choice. One major reason I'm unconvinced, aside from biology (which is very cut and dried on the subject) is that there are a bunch of people making a big buttload of money off this.

If a man says he's always known he was really Napoleon, we know he's crazy so we treat him for whatever is making him crazy. If a man says he's always known he was really a woman, we know he's crazy but we pretend this is totally normal and lie to him about it because there's a multi-million dollar lobbying industry out there suing people if they don't.

How long before somebody gets sued for not pretending along with a guy who says he's Napoleon?

And dear LGBTFBICIAQUILTBAG lobbyists, is it really in the man's/woman's best interests to coddle their mental malfunction? Statistics on post-op suicide for transgender surgery patients are horrific. Its like they wake up one morning, realize what they've done and kill themselves rather than face it.

In fact we know that's what they do from the suicide notes.

If people really really really want to dress up like the opposite sex, there's plenty of venues for that. If they want to try to force society generally into pretending along with them that they -are- the opposite sex, that's not a great idea for anybody and I'm not down with it.

Anything that requires my participation whether I like it or not, I expect to be paid for. My price for pretending Hari Nef is a cute girlie is $50.00 an hour, four hour minimum. In advance, in cash, thanks very much.

The Phantom

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