Friday, May 08, 2015

Big Brother watches Baltimore, lets it burn.

Since the FBI and DHS are not protecting Pamella Geller from Islamists who actually shoot people at her events, what are they doing?

They're flying surveillance over Baltimore.

Not so obvious was a single engine Cessna and a small Cessna jet–both were conducting aerial surveillance for the FBI.

The website tracked them circling Baltimore–not during the riot–the FBI was watching last weekend when peaceful demonstrations were held.

The ACLU has filed a request with the FBI to learn what video and cell phone data was collected during the flights.

Baltimore police referred questions about the flights to the FBI.

At first, the local FBI field headquarters declined to comment, but in a statement to WJZ, it said:

"The aircraft were specifically used to assist in providing high altitude observation of potential criminal activity to enable rapid response by police officers on the ground. The FBI aircraft were not there to monitor lawfully protected first amendment activity."

It's not known just how much aid police on the ground received from the FBI's planes.

Emphasis mine.

What they were doing was collecting video and cellphone data. If you showed up at any of those demonstrations or even drove around those days, the FBI has a complete record of who you are and where you went.

They also have a complete record of all the looters, burners and other assholes who were out looting, burning and being assholes. Like, they've got VIDEO of it with helpful captions identifying who everybody in the pictures are thanks to cellphone data. Because looters are stupid, they took pictures of themselves looting and carried their phones everywhere.

Given that the cops were specifically ordered to let the looters loot, its difficult to see how all this surveillance was of any use.

What's that you say? They can go pick them up later you say? Well no, that's not going to happen because the FBI is going to very great lengths making sure this technology does not show up in court.

Well then, if they weren't protecting the city from looters, and they weren't collecting evidence for catching criminals later, what were they doing?

They were tracking the peaceful demonstrators, obviously. Looters are not a threat to Big Brother. Intelligent and dedicated political activists are. The fact that in this particular case those activists are all Full-Moron Lefties doesn't mean the FBI isn't following their every freaking move.

The Phantom

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Knight 99 said...

That and training.

The FBI and very branch of Military & government seems to be training over or within towns & cities of US sovereign territory.

Mountain, prairie, and firing ranges have been the traditional domestic training grounds for the military because that's where you would normally find enemy combatants in uniform.

You'd think with the terrorist threat in the ME they'd be training in the West Texas, Arizona & New Mexico deserts. Course that may alter the flow of millions of illegals, including terrorist from crossing freely.