Thursday, May 21, 2015

CBC discovers their cell phones have been p0ned by Big Brother.

Day late and a dollar short, as usual, the CBC "discovers" that lots of spy agencies, Canadian AND American, AND Russian, AND Chinese, are busy hacking cell phones all over the place.

Electronic intelligence agencies began targeting UC Browser — a massively popular app in China and India with growing use in North America — in late 2011 after discovering it leaked revealing details about its half-billion users.

Their goal, in tapping into UC Browser and also looking for larger app store vulnerabilities, was to collect data on suspected terrorists and other intelligence targets — and, in some cases, implant spyware on targeted smartphones.

The 2012 document shows that the surveillance agencies exploited the weaknesses in certain mobile apps in pursuit of their national security interests, but it appears they didn't alert the companies or the public to these weaknesses. That potentially put millions of users in danger of their data being accessed by other governments' agencies, hackers or criminals.

As always, CBC continues to ignore the fact that the Canadian government has no need to put apps on people's phones to find out what those people are doing. They have full 100% access to and control of the internet backbone, they can get any record from any server with a search warrant, and the government keeps all the metadata from every single internet/telephone/whatever packet in the country. They also give all that data to the NSA. Recent revelations make plain that the government also keeps speech-to-text records of EVERY F-ING PHONE CONVERSATION in the country.

CBC, late to the party by almost a decade. No reason to watch.

The Phantom

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