Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Its all going wrong!

Yes friends, if your name is Barack Obama today is SO not your day.

Your healthcare law is getting ridiculed in the supreme court. Even the Wise Latina broad you hand picked can't hold her nose hard enough.

The guy who shot the kid you said would look like your son if you had one turns out to be a registered Democrat. [bwahahahahaaaaa!!!!!!] Oh, and other of your supporters are out ransacking stores as part of a Support Traaaaayvon! demonstration. Double sweetness!

But this is the big one. This is the one you had such high hopes for, and it just came crashing down. The Michigan militia named Hutaree just all got set free because as the judge said, being an asshole, hanging out with a bunch of other assholes and talking a whole lot of crazy shite is not a federal crime in the United States of America. Nor is owning a gun. Or even several guns!

Damn rednecks can't even be trusted to form a proper Right Wing Terror group to take the attention off your Healthcare bill, eh Barry? Man, it sucks to be The One some days don't it?

The Not-The-One Phantom

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